Devotee of lord

Purandardas was a great devotee of lord. He prayed always God Ponduranga Vittol. He wrote some songs about on Sanghsamaj and some on philosophy. His location was on the river side and near village of Anegonde.

He belongs to humpi Vijayanagar (Karnataka) in the period of Tuluvasha emperors ruling.

Purandardas was a good poet. Purandardas sung keerthans on Lord Srimannarayan.

` Hamsa ninnaline nodo, bhava basamukta nagi hari anu sero’ this is really a wonderful it is the great popular sankeerthana in Kannada language

` Nambadiru ee deha nitya valla, ambujkshana bhajisi sukhi yago manave’. This song is an eye opener to those who believe that sensual pleasure is alone the supreme bliss. Purandardas makes it clear that neither the youth nor the body is eternal. He advocates worshiping lord is eternal, omniscient and omnipresent. Purandardas explain that the body is just a blanket of skin covered on bones, flesh and blood. With in the digestive tract there may be worms, bacteria and excretory products. This seems to be the real nature of body. One should not think that the beauty of body is the real beauty. The body will be decayed if once the hamsa leaves it. More or less the same kind of opinions have been expressed by Purandardas in one more his song.

In the first song Purandardas expressed his devote to words Vyasarayaru, the master of king Krishna devaraya; whereas in the second sankeerthana he paid his rich tributes to Madhvacharya the founder of Dwaita siddhantam. Thus, Purandardas snakeerthans reflect several aspects of life. They all center over an eternal fact i.e., the lord Vishnu himself.

Almost all the available snakeerthans of Purandardas are popular. Quite a few of them are absolutely devotional. Some snakeerthans act as eye openers for sadhaka. Purandardas criticized those who believe that the idols in the temples were alone gods. He preferred service to devotion.



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