I defy the jaws of a crocodile

and leap for your heart,

my love,

my breathe befriends infinity

and my mind denies consciousness

as my heartbeat

encircles itself in the duet

of dreams,

visions of you,

the touch of your lips


My soul refuses

to sink in a melancholic quicksand,

it rebels against gravity

and leaps for your heart,

my love,

for you

I shall laugh with the shark,

and wear sting ray textiles

this is not violence,

but not roar of my heart

as I do leap for yours


My world goes astray

by the acid rain of loneliness

but this amore is umbrageous,

your smile,

my umbrella, as destiny sheds

tears of magma,

do me the favor,

and let me leap for your heart


For you,

I shall dance in a furnace,

swagger with the heat,

when you accept me,

I shall be the ice

that never melts in

the belly of a thousands ovens,

I shall be unstoppable,

as I leap for your heart,

the gem that makes me wealthier

than happiness


You are the one for me,

so let me leap for your heart


                                 By Kakraba Afful


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