Living in India means living in a place where culture and tradition are part of every household. Several places of cultural and traditional importance exists in India. When we think of Temples and Silk, the one place that immediately comes to our mind is Kanchipuram.Inheriting a rich cultural and historic importance, this small town has been attracting world tourists for a long time.When you visit this town, you get to see a temple in almost every major streets. Dominated mostly by upper class people, this town has a floating population which sometimes becomes the problem when it comes to improving its basic infrastructure. The great political icon Mr.C.N.Annadurai was born in this town and his home is still maintained by the government as a place of importance to visit. The silk connection is one of the other reasons why this place even with poor basic amneties is considered the best place to shop for silk sarees and other silk items. We can see the actual process of weaving a silk saree by just visiting one of the places. The amazingly beautiful silk saree has gone through various processes and the hard work of many a people involved in creating it. Kanchipuram Silk is not only attracting local people but it is a hot favorite for people all over the world. You name a GOD or GODESS and you will have a temple to be found here in Kanchipuram for him/her.Such is the number of temples that exists here that you will never be able to make a visit to all the temples in a single visit. If you really want to have a glimpse of all the dieties, you must stay right there. The temples built mostly during the King's Rule are many ages old and the artistic excellence is something to be seen in person rather in words. If you wish to make a tour to a place where you can indulge in the presence of GOD and have a good shopping experience by buying silks, then your destination has to be this Temple Town of Kanchipuram.

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