Every man does the sin.

Weakness is sin and weakness is death.

If there is sin in the world it is weakness. So avoid all weakness.

Don’t fear or death. It is common to every man; time is this or that day. Stand and die in your strength.

A man living is for enjoying, Man birth for that purpose. Good and bad in the life. Sad and happy in the life, the life is travel with happy and unhappy.

Fear near to man. Fear is a fever. Don’t afraid for anything.

There is in the world neither sin or misery, neither disease nor grief; if there is anything in the world called sin, it is this fear.

Do marvelous work. The moment you fear, you are nobody. It is fear that is the greatest of all superstitions. It is fear that is the cause of all our woes and it is fearlessness that brings heaven in a moment.

Arjuna unwilling to fight; Lord Krishna told with Arjuna in Bhagwat Gita `` I am sloe leader. Don’t fear for killing, do your work. Your friends’ relatives and teachers are in the opposite army. Yield not to unmanliness, 0 son Pritha. Shake off his weakness, this- heartedness! Thou art a hero, a Vira; this is unbecoming of thee’’.

Ideas of weakness will be now here. Now it is every where- this current of the vibration of fear. Reverse the current; bring the opposite vibration and behold the magic transition! Thou art omnipotent-go, go to the mouth of the canon, and fear not.

Hate not the most abject sinner, look not to his exterior.

What happens?

God is there! Yes or no, it is depend on your faith.

After death this boy is waste. Why you’re living? Which type wants to live? Good and best for happiness.

No dress on your body in birth time, that same situation in the death time. Among this two between called it life. Happy and unhappy are in the life.

Your family your friends… this is your circle. Try to live holy, Pray the god help you.

Good god and great god!

You are coming alone and going alone. No your friend no your wife in your going time.

As one goes on repeating the divine name and meditation on the divine being, moving from one aspect to another, a remarkable change takes place. Though moral practice we succeed in establishing an amount of harmony; but the harmony that is established by meditating on the lord, is of a superior kind. When real harmony is established in our mind, in our soul, in a spontaneous way, we feel we are in touch with the cosmic harmony. Even our body is part of the cosmic body. Our mind is a part of the cosmic mind. Our soul is a part of the cosmic spirit. Many who practice spiritual discipline and meditation attain to this state of consciousness.

If we follow the way of japa and mediation correctly, we are sure to be blessed with some from of divine vision, some from of divine experience. That increases our faith and makes our mind steady in the path of meditation.



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