Grand Lie

Lie saying bad habit. Lie form the happy is not permanent. No satisfy from this live to every man. It is bad to the man. It is one of the bad characters to the man. Some merchants say some of lie in the business for the profits. That is the common for sales, all most all like this in sales unit. Some body is going to earn more in business with high lie. It is treating under cheating. It’s called pure lie.

Some people are says lie for jokes. They enjoying from the comedy of entertainment.

Don’t say lie, talk true. It is useful to you. Lie spoiled your life, dangers in feature.

Similarly, when `I’ it self is a lie, every role the `I’ takes, every speech `I’ makes, every action that `I’ initiates or owns, has its root in ``the grand lie’’ called `I’ itself. So, sitting down with somebody, one may say ``I’’ belong to you,’’ but the body belongs to where `I’ and the thoughts belong, but not to where the body is at this moment. When the thought to change, no more the body belongs to that place where previously the thoughts belonged to, living with a person you no more live with him. Being around no more means a living presence, but a lifeless shadow dragged around.

We much can we then rely on others? The most important question is: how much can we rely on ourselves? If the self is not known as it is, then it is a grand deception, a total lie, and all of us are living with in deceptions galore in the land of truth. Nothing will change until we are aware of ourselves. When we are aware, we shall see through the deceptions and no more shall we fall a victim to the original lie to victimize others.

Jnana yoga

Jnana yoga is anandaboga, not happy only satisfy, silent and nil in the mind.

That is the path of knowledge is the shortest but very difficult path to attain enlightenment. Through constant discrimination between the real and real, one has to deny the existence of the body, constantly thinking of the spirit within.

Knowledge originated from lord Siva, whose dwelling place is the Himalayas. From time immemorial, great sages of India, renouncing every thing for the sake of truth, discovered in their deep meditation innumerable spiritual truths about man and the universe. Even emperors and kings used to seek their advice and blessings.

Totapuri- who had realized the ultimate truth taught Sri Ramakrishna advaita sadhaka. When he was staying at Dakshineswar, he saw a disembodied spirit climbing down from a tree. He requested that spirit to sit with him for meditation, since he saw no difference between them, both of them being manifestations of Brahman.

Sankaracarya, a great teacher of advaita, who expounded the path of knowledge, preached Mayavada. According to him, the sun of knowledge, that is Atman, is always self-effulgent. It is the cloud of ignorance or Maya which hides the self.

Then we have Ramana maharshi, who was always in thought of the self, for him the whole universe, appeared like a reflection in a mirror, which is only appearance and not realty. Then, there was swami Vivekananda, who carried the thoughts of the eastern sages to the western world, in the present age. He proclaimed the truth oh Vedanta first at the parliament of religions at Chicago.



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