Japanese live in wooden houses because earthquakes are frequent in Japan. What are the benefits, if houses are made of wood in the regions where earth quakes are common? Normal houses on collapsing cause more damage to the property and life than paper or wooden houses. Constructing the house again and again using wood is cheaper than construction a brick house.

As India is located in a temperate zone we find various kinds of houses. Air conditioned rooms are usually used in the temperate zone and tropical zone.

Deserts and tropical regions have bright mornings and become hot by afternoon. The nights are very cool. The temperature rises to its peak during summer. The houses in tropical regions are constructed with brick, concrete cement.

On stilts people of tropical jungles build their house. Thus attack of wild animals is avoided. Bricks and clay are used in building houses in deserts. The bricks used in making thick walls are left in sun, for drying. The house is kept cool because the thick walls do not allow the heat enter inside the house.

Bedouins are called ` nomads’ who wander with out permanent houses. They wander in small groups. The tents made by them are wide low. The cloth made from the hair of the camels and goats are used in weaving the cloth for tents.

In South Africa a race called pygmies make their huts from braches, which are bent over with one and placed into the ground. Now leaves are covered on the bent branches to make a hut.

In these regions we find different types of houses on account of various types of climate. The sun rays fall slanting in this region as it is beyond the tropical region on both the sides of equator. In this region there is well marked demarcation between warm and cool seasons.

These Polar Regions are very cold as earth is covered with ice. They are located in the north of the Arctic Circle, which is far away from the equator. The winters are long whereas summers are far away from the equator. The winters are long whereas summers are very short in this region. The heat of the summer dose not raises the temperature much.

The race living in these regions are known as Eskimos. The main occupation of Eskimos is hunting seals and fishing. They live in temporary houses called igloos during autumn and winter near their fishing grounds. Making of a circle on the snow is the first step in the construction of igloo. Big snow outside the house is higher than the floor of igloo. A short passage in front of an inverted bowl shaped igloo is made.

In summer, Eskimos live in: - 1) huts made of wood with slanting roofs.

2) Tents made of reindeer or seal skins.

Glass panes for windows etc. are used for keeping the house warm. Electrical heaters and fire places also keep the house warm. Wooden planks are used for walls and floor in houses built with wooden planks in cold regions.

Seasons and Clothes

Man wear dress for protect body from dust, heat, cold rain and insects.

The kind of clothes they wear depends on the type of weather in the region where they live.

We like to ware thicker and warmer clothes in winter. They protect us from the cold. In the rainy seasons, we wear rains coats. They are made of cloth which is water proof. This cloth protects us from rain. In hot weather, we wear clothes made of cotton. Cotton clothes allow the body heat to escape; people wear loose clothes to keep cool. Loose clothes absorb sweat. White or light colored clothes suit the hot white or light colored clothes suit the hot weather because they reflect the heat and keep the body cool. In clod weather we wear warm and thick clothes. We cover most parts of our body. Woolen clothes keep the body warm. People from different places wear different types of clothes.

We should always wear clean clothes to stay healthy. We should wash and iron our clothes regularly. Cotton clothes are washed with soap and water. Some people use washing machines to wash clothes, after washing, clothes should be properly squeezed, stretched and dried and then ironed. Woolen clothes need dry- cleaning. Torn clothes should be mended in time.

Clothes need good care, especially silk and woolen clothes because some insects feed on these clothes. Therefore, once the season is over they must be put in the sun or dry-cleaned. They should then be packed. Moth balls or dried neem leaves should be placed with woolen clothes. These keep insects away. Proper care of clothes makes them last longer.




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