lens2349037_1230185131dream_a_zDreaming is a very comprehensive term. Many persons in the world dream. May be woman or man. A person of any age dreams may be a child, teenager or a old aged person. Most of the people in the world dream and its common. Some dream in day and some in night. People dream while sleeping and some people also dream when they are awake. All of us know about night dreaming very few of us know about day dreaming. Night dreaming is the one in which one dreams at night about different things and day dreaming is just thinking of different things , thinking to achieving different things, having pleasure thinking about the dreams fulfilled during the day time while staying awake.

All people moslty get dreams at night may be rarely or often. This dreams may be good or bad. People thinks whether the dreams get fulfilled or not. People having superstitous thinking that when dreams comes in day time during sleep they get fulfilled. Dreams may  get fulfilled or not depends on destiny not on at which they occur.

why people dream?

There may be different reasons for different people to dream.The reasons may differ from person to person. People who are afraid or have fear of something may get dreams of such bad things. People who have some aim in life may get dreams of achieving their dreams. People who love some and miss their loved one may get dream of their loved one. Mostly people who are deep thinkers or have lot of stress in their life tend to dream a lot.

Is dreaming a type of disease?

Some people may get confuse why they dream or why only they dream a lot. Their is no need to worry. We dream because we think many things in day time and that happens same during night time or sleep time. Our different thoughts come out in the form of dreams.

This was my small article regarding dreaming. As i learn more about it i come up with more new articles regarding it.


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