It is a well known fact that the children of the present day are the citizens of the future. It is also said that the child is the father of man. The seeds of the future society are in the children of the present age. As such these children have to be brought up along the right lines. Only then the society of the future will be a healthy one.

Man’s character is shaped as he proceeds from childhood to old age. But the impressions of his childhood are strong. It is better to teach children all positive qualities. Parents and teachers should share this responsibility. A child’s education begins at home. His parents should mould his character in such a way that he grows into a useful youth. Children should be made to understand that all men are brothers. Virtues like honesty and mercy should be taught to them. At every stage a child’s career has to be watched carefully. Boys and girls should be given a training in school that teaches them good social and moral values.

It is an unfortunate truth that many children in this country are neglected. They do not have proper upbringing owing to their parents’ poverty. Education is not given to them and they become illiterates. Some fall into bad company and become a nuisance in society. Alter they turn into anti-social elements. Poverty is the main cause of this. Some parents turn their children into labourers to support the family. In India child labour is a big problem. In spite of several laws the practice continues. We cannot hope such children to grow into responsible citizens in future.

The government realised the importance of providing free education to all children. In schools, children are taught social values. The ideas of equality, patriotism and honesty are placed before them. They are exposed to the lives of great men like the Mahatma. By this they have an object-lesson before them that can be followed. Children growing with these ideas in the mind will grow into healthy citizens.

As Rajaji says children and youth are the bricks with which the edifice of the nation is built. These bricks should be strong. Otherwise the national structure will collapse.

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