This anonymous word "GAP".I have seen it in many T-shirts..What is this???

GAP is a term I have coined and it stands for Guy or a Girl with Attitude Problem. Here is a management story and the climax is open for discussion.

A and B are working for a company and A terms B a GAP. Given below are the reasons for it.

a) Personal – Sometime back, B passed a sportive comment about A in front of others and A did not like it. A resorts to passing degrading personal comments about B in front of others. B was sportive enough to brush them off subtly. A becomes furious and the grudge volcano in him starts boiling.

b) Professional – B reports to A and A is the authoriative person to take decision in his project. B suggests certain changes to the process and substantiates the same with necessary facts and details. A does not understand this and snubs B. After a while, A finds that B is correct and makes changes and takes credit for the same. A also thinks that B may overtake him and by this time, the grudge volcano in him is ready to explode.

c) Cheap - A commands B to do a personal job for him. B refuses it. A explains B how one should do all this to climb up the corporate ladder et all. B listens patiently and says to A that he does not want to climb up the ladder at all if he had to resort to cheap ways. The grudge volcano explodes and the climax is, B is termed a 

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