Well I am little worried about the present situation in India, even thought it appears to be stable but it is not that stable. People are playing with Government and politics is also playing games every now and then. I will share some topics below on by one

Recession: In the name of recession different business organizations are making a lot of profit. They are hiring an employee with his skills of 10 thousand per month in just around 6-7 thousands and the reason behind this is as they will say is Recession. Unfortunately that employee has to work their because any time one will think that it is better than nothing. Do he has to work over there?

Politics: Prior to elections we have listened a lot of assurance that different political leaders and after election they will either forget it or else they will just do it partially giving some reason or other. Is this person a great leader?

Smart People and Politics: People are smarter these days and they can make government do whatever they wanted to do with their unique weapons.These weapons belongs to pre-independence period when Gandhiji told to all the freedom fighters to use hunger strike as a weapon but only for the benefit of the nation but people are now using it for their personal benefit or for the benefit of certain group. Do you think it will continue forever?

One of the great impact of this was "Partition of Andhra Pradesh". Government should be more strict, powerful and firm with its decisions that no hunger strike can change their decisions. Even if someone tries to do so then those people should be taken under observation and their contacts should be checked so that their exact motive can be revealed.

I know these things might be obvious as far as great thinkers are concerned but they are not expressing them in public and as against it I have expressed them over here.


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