This fu**ing cold has closed some windows of many houses permanently, where some "chaand ke tukda resides!" The open windows made me feel good, obviously... but, also gave the "chaand ke tukda" chances to show her "chaandni." But, these fucking winters, have let me go no where! The rest of the things are accompalished when she comes out with completely hidden from top to bottom with TOO many clothes to protect herself from winters, which is so irritating.
The thoughts of blowing hair of hers which used to distract me all the time ( I love being distracted, that way ) have those fucking caps and mufflers in between, playing as the villain. That "chaand ke tukda" is being more of a brand ambassador of woollen clothes, these days!
The worst effect of this extreme cold can be seen on young and so called "cool" guys like us. Come on, tell me... the hairstyle on which we spend thousands of rupees, and hours of our day; we need to hold it by a  muffler, which seems to me  like some powerful snake!? The same bike/car which we never drive below the speed of 80-90, and NEVER thought ourselves less than "John Abraham" of Dhoom, is also compromised, with the maximum speed of 30-40 with a helmet on our head, with too many fucking woollen clothes. Our body, which was made after hours of work outs in a gym is dying to expose ourselves. Fuck it?! And some of you tell me that you guys like winters? Give me a break, instead.
When our hands and legs start shivering like anything 'cause of this excessive cold, it makes me feel as if we've the soul of "Auro from Paa" in our body, now... suffering from progeria. Or, at times... makes us feel as a dyslexic child from "TZP!" This extreme cold has made me an "idiot" of the Bollywood junk, here!

Anyway, there IS nothing special about my winters. actually. Nothing more than being in a quilt, with a blower on... and drinking some EXTRA HOT coffee, or tea!

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