A student is a part of the society. He has a responsibility to serve it in some capacity or other. In Indian people hold the mother land as holy as one’s mother. Everybody has a responsibility to serve his fellow beings. The spirit of service should be taught to all students. Service to society is service to god. Every man is indebted to the society for his development. He can repay the debt by serving it.


Man is a social animal. He is born in society, grows in it and finally dies in it. He receives co-operation and security from it. Students should do their best to enrich such a society. The student of today is the citizen of tomorrow. He should cultivate the idea of service right from his student days. Great men like Gandhi and Nehru served the society in their student’s days. But today society is becoming largely selfish. Man is prepared to betray his fellow men for his own ends. People try to be rich by exploiting others. This is all because the motive of service is gradually disappearing from society.

A student should not confine himself to his studies alone. Education is his primary aim. But the aim of education is to make one useful to the society. Then only education is perfect. Students should gain knowledge of the world aground them. They must be ready to help and console the suffering humanity. With this view social service is encouraged. In schools and colleges service organizations are created. N.S.S. Scouts and A.C.C are such wings. Through these agencies students can serve the society.


Society service utilizes the energy of students in the right manner. In times of need they help the men around them. Their services are of great valve when there are natural calamities like floods or earthquakes. In times of peace students are made to participate in several activities. They can carry out programs like adult’s education, literacy campaign, clearance of slums and the like. They can take the programs of the government to people. They can make people enlightened.


Students have to realize their responsibility in building a modem India. Then we will have a glorious nation built in the years to come.

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