Preparations for a Russian Wedding:-

A Russian wedding is very simple. The planning only includes arranging for rings, brides’ dress, cars, and a reception. Earlier, the bride’s family paid for the reception, but now- a- days bride’s and grooms’ families usually share expenses. A Russian wedding lasts for two days; some weddings last as long as a weak, and the occasion becomes something to remember for years. The necessary part of the wedding ceremony is a wedding procession of several cars. The best friends of the groom/ bride meet before the wedding a few times, make posters, write speeches and organize contests. When the groom arrives to fetch the bride for the registration, he has to fight to get her! Russians usually live in apartments in tall buildings, and the groom has to climb several stairs to reach his bride.

But at each landing he must answer a question to be allowed to go up. The bride’s friends ask difficult questions (sometimes about the bride, sometimes just difficult riddles), and the groom must answer with the help of his friends. For example, he may be shown a few photos of baby girls and he must say which one his bride is. If he guesses wrong, he must pay cash to move ahead. After the marriage registration, the newly- married couple leaves the guests for a tour of the city sights. After two or three hours of the city tour the couple arrives at the reception. The couple sits at a specially arranged table with their family, friends and invited guests. The reception starts with toasts to the couple. A wedding toast is a custom where a close friends or relative of the groom or the bride says a few words to wish the couple, and then everyone raises their glass of wine, and drinks it up at the same moment. The groom is then asked to kiss the bride. After a few toasts, people start eating and drinking, and generally have fun. After some time, the bride gets’ stolen’! she disappears, and when the groom starts looking for her, he is asked to pay a fee. Usually it is his friends who’ steal’ the bride. Then there are the bride’s friends- they steal the bride’s shoe. The groom must pay money for the shoe too. The guests enjoy watching these tussles, and continue partying.

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