I was promoted to the ninth standard and my father was transferred from my place. So I had to join a new school.

My father took me to the new school. We met the headmaster and give him the application from. He admitted me in the ninth standard.

The class teacher gave me a seat on one of the front benches. I am short in that age. This helped me to listen to the lessons well.

During that period, the teacher set an exercise in English dictation. I spelt all the words correctly and the teacher was very much pleased .

There was a short recess after the second period. At that time, the class pupil leader took me round the school and introduced me to his friends.

During lunch period, my classmates shared their lunch with me. I also gave my dishes to them. Some girls in my class also spoke with me.

In the afternoon we had mathematics in the first period. I was not able to do many of the mental sums. My knowledge of mathematics was so poor. I decided to pay much attention to that subject.

After the school was over, we have compulsory games. We were asked to pay football. I played well and they praised my skill. I was much delighted.

Then I ran home to tell my parents of my experiences that day.

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