Time is a necklace made of moments. Each moment is a pearl in the necklace. If you make use of each moment, you will meet with success.

Time is the most precious thing in the world. Time is the most transitory, fleeting thing in the world. Time can make you or break you.

If you make use of time well, you can make all your dreams come true.  Time never comes back. So it is no use wishing it would come back. Make use of your opportunities now.

The best time is the present time. Don’t postpone anything. There is no such thing as a good time to start or a bad time to do anything. The best time to do something is right away. If you don’t show time the respect it deserves you lose many good opportunities. It has been said that wealth can be regained by thrift and hard work. Knowledge can be regained by reading books regularly. Health can be regained through medicine and moderation. But time wasted can never be regained. Once it goes, it is lost forever.

A son of poor farmer woke up before dawn. He picked berries and sold them in the markets of Boston. With that money he bought a Latin grammar book and began to study himself. He helped his father in the fields and so he attended the school only three months in a year. Still, he memorized his lessons as he ploughed the fields. He borrowed books from those around him and absorbed all that he could.


The same son of a poor farmer grew up into an exemplary personality of the country. His name was Theodore Parker.

Sir Thiruvarur Muthuswami Iyer was the first Indian High court judge. Born in a very poor family, he studied beneath the light of street lamps.


Whitter’s words are very thought-provoking. Always keep them in mind. He says: “We decide today what the future will be. We weave the net of our fortune. We choose today whether we will live a life of purity or sin.”

If a person is busy, he has no time to worry. Worry is the name of an empty mind. Such a mind does not engage itself in an activity, so it worries. The air in a room with closed windows will be stale. A useless object made of iron will rust. This is what happens when you waste time.

Time is the most precious of all riches. Even a minute is too long to waste. Scientist Thomas Edison’s wife once urged him to take a holiday. “But where can we go for a holiday?” he asked. “Why don’t you suggest some beautiful place?” “The world is so huge,” his wife replied. “We can go wherever we want to. We can go where we will be happiest.” “So let me think about it,” said Edison. His wife was very pleased. The next day Edison left for a holiday to his favorite haunt – his laboratory.


You don’t have to gamble with time. It is always yours – if you want it. Even if you have nothing else, you have the wealth of time. Use your time well. Success is another name of time and toil.

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