Hello people.. hows life??.. yesterday i was reading some of my older posts about my hostel and school days.. i was lost in memories. So i thought maybe i should post something more about my school days..

This is a small incident that happened with me and one of my classmate called Vivek. But before I start with my story, I think I should tell you this. Our school campus was shared by another women’s college. And due to some lack of classrooms, the college had occupied some of the classrooms in the 2nd floor of our school building. That is where my hostel room was. And that is exactly the floor where the hostel toilet was. Now, how this toilet thing works is like this. During working hours, it’s a normal toilet. Everyone uses it. Those college girls included. After 4pm and on holidays , it becomes the Hostel toilet. Only the hostel students use it. And we hostel students would use only the ladies toilet because it had water supply and the other one did not (we need water to take bath and stuffs man.. ).


I don’t exactly remember, but I think we had some special class or something. It was a holiday for rest of the school. There was no trace of any college girls in the building either. But we saw some of them outside in the ground practicing some dance or something on the stage. Who cares. I was in canteen having breakfast when this guy Vivek came in. After I was done eating, we both left for the class. We had to cross the playground to get the Canteen from our school building, and it was raining the last night. When we reached the class, the teacher hadn’t arrived yet. So I thought, I could use the time to go n wash my legs, cos it was all muddy muddy.. plus I had to take something from my room. A pen or notebook I assume. I don’t remember. I took vivek along with me to my room, took whatever I needed and went to toilet to wash my legs. The ‘hostel’ toilet. (c’mon, it was a holiday…).. the toilet isn’t like, you open the door and you enter the toilet. The entrance is like a small chamber. You need to make couple of sharp turn and that’s when you enter the toilet. So the point is, it takes at least 3 to 4 seconds to enter the toilet from the corridor. I was washing my legs and vivek was standing idle.

And suddenly we heard the noise. Atleast 15 to 20 girls. Running into the toilet. We threw each other a frightened look. There was no escape, there was no way we could exit the toilet now. Wasting no time, we both ran into one of the bathrooms and closed the door. I was so scared that I could feel my balls up in my throat. I remember praying, “please, don’t knock this door.. not this one, not this one..” ..both of us were standing real still. I remember him whispering into my ears in a scared voice. “maatno, TC dhaan da. “.. after couple of minutes, the worst thing happened. Someone was trying to open the door. No, not knocking. FORCING the door open. I thought my heart was gonna jump out of its place. At that moment, its very very difficult to think. But I did a thing that saved our asses.. The very reason why we were trapped like this. I opened the tap and let the water flow. Full force. I heard a voice say, “somebody is in there”… and I replied in my mind.. “yes bitches.. we are in here..”.. I was opening and closing the tap at regular intervals. We were waiting for more than 15 minutes. But it seems like eternity. After all the voices and footsteps faded away, I bent down, and through the gap between the door and the floor I peeked outside. It was difficult to see, but I could make out that no one was there. I slowly opened the door and stepped outside. Coast was clear. I’m usually pretty lazy. I always double think about doing anything that involves more than 5 secs of work. But at that point, i ran to the classroom, vivek right behind me. I can easily tell you, that was the fastest run I’ve ever made in my whole life.

Sitting in the classroom, I was totally out of breath. Because I had run after a long time.(I can’t even remember the last time I ran) but mostly because of the adventure that we went through, if I can call it that. After a couple of hours, after the shock had settled down, I was thinking how did I ever land up in such a mess.Now I could remember what those girls were taking. Holy mother of god!!!! I’v seen guys using a lot of profanity. Yes, even I speak bad words. But what the hell. this was way too much.. the way they were speaking was 10 times worse than what I cud could ever come up with. This might be hard to believe, but trust me.

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