People are being sociable on the net, at the same time their social lives are taking a toll. These are some of the needs forced on humanity! (kuch jyada hi hua, muze bhi samaz main nahi aaya , what does this mean). thats what oldies tell us. It is a tough issue. every one is free to spend his/her time whatever way they prefer. Social networking CAN be of good cause. I remember, the anti reservation campaign picked up because of orkut. but how may times does that happen?


Orkut, Hi-five, Netlog, Bharat students, shelfari and many more. If we would ask about these words to even any sixth or sevenths standard students, we would find him easily explaining about the features of this social networking sites. These networking sites are mushrooming day by day while upgrading new features which is the cause of their success over existing chatting sites like yahoo messengers because these chatting sites fails to provides the lively appearance, blogs and various interesting feeds while communicating with friends, or business networkings.

Many issues have been raised to put a ban on Orkut, the most used social networking site after some incidents, like creating some communities against famous ideals, religions or countries. It is very easy to create such types of communities like “I hate Shivaji. I hate India “, fake profiles, by any user -mostly antisocials and insane type minds to create some disturbances and as ‘like begates like’ theory, interested persons join and support these communities and to catch them is a very hectic procedure, so inspite of raising the unnecessary issues, why don’t we create some communities against them “I love Shivaji and I Love India”.


It is never an intelligent step to raise an issue against these sites because they are providing a complete portal for networking whether we are enjoying a chat with a family, friend, looking for a business networking, or expressing thoughts locally or globally .It is providing a chance to be networked worldwide while sitting behind a desktop in a easy and inexpensive manner.

The only non- violent way to cope up with the problems of these sites is to understand the actual cause of this type of mischievous acts and and to response in the same manner by creating positive communities against such communities and administration should take right action to locate and identify the net-bugs who are creating such communities.

Various issues on incident of female abuse have also been heard through these sites, if the issue raisers take responsibilities to stop the female abuse completely in the real world, then only they look nice while raising such types of issues against the networking sites because if they are unable to stop these type of incidents taking place in front of their naked eyes, then it seems that all these issues are for just a local popularity Of their party / organizations.

Finally, I would like to say that we must welcome the positive sides of any new facility while understanding and finding the solution of the negative aspects. Raising an issue could never be the right solution. Don’t you think?"and its sure one day you can found such type of fakie and hatered community will wash out from social sites and we are seeing that day by day orkut is providing some good work like privacy and other legal action against hatered communities and for as if we are getting any such type of stuff then we need to report our Cyber act and Crime deptartment for action"

I think there is sin in EVERYTHING if that is what a person is looking for. Social networking sites allows the user to share personal information and make friends but then again it all comes down to who the user is. Some people are on these sites to keep in touch with their existing friends and family and stay updated on their activities however some people solely join such sites in search of "FUN". Such people who are looking for so called FUN on the net can find the same means of fun else where. Adulterers existed before these sites and they are every where. I am not defending the social networking sites because in my opinion the stupidest thing any one can do is upload their personal photos and write their intimate thoughts in a public domain because that beats the purpose of privacy but that of course is my personal opinion!I think when a person male or female decides to do anything that is harm or even harmful to ones character they should stop and think that God is watching and the angels are recording.
Furious competition between social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace is compromising the protection of users' data, a Cambridge University study has concluded.The survey covered 45 global social networks, ranging from popular sites such as MySpace and Facebook to lesser-known networks.Its authors report 'serious concerns' about the extent to which these sites fail to keep users' personal information private. It is the first detailed analysis to examine the security provisions of a large number of social networks.

These sites are making youth hooked on to their computers, they are neglecting other things in life such as active sports, personal work, school work, office work, household chores, social activities etc.

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