Good progress is the combination of physical and mental development.  Distraction is natural one. It is difficult to give full attention to one thing for a long time. But we must try to do it. Swami Vivekananda has said: “The mind is like a spoilt child. The spoilt child is always dissatisfied. The mind is also always dissatisfied. This is why we should not spoil the mind. We must keep it under control.” But it is very difficult to control the mind.


The mind is as still as the mountain. The mind is as wavering as a tree. The mind is like a blade of grass – it is carried aloft by the gentlest breeze.


Those who are like the mountain are strong-minded. They are firm. Those who are like the tree are not so strong-minded. They waver, but they manage to steady themselves.


Those who are like the blade of grass are fickle-minded. They give in to all the temptations and distractions of the world.


If a student keeps getting distracted, it is clear that he will take a long time to learn anything. Since he gives in to temptations, it is quite likely that he will get misled. If an employee getting distracted mind, he looses his responsibility.


The mind has one very good quality. We can train it well. If it enjoys doing something, it will always do that thing well. It will not forget. So, we should try to train it in the right direction. The mind can work wonders. If the mind gets used to good habits and good things, it will never turn towards bad habits and bad things.


The fact also is that the mind is really a person. The best way to keep you from getting distracted is to be busy. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. So, don’t let your mind be idle. Keep yourself busy all the time. Do something all the time.


It is important to have a healthy mind as well as healthy body. If your body is engaged in work continuously, it remains healthy, In the same way, keep the mind absorbed in something – it will remain healthy.



Winston Churchill was a very famous Prime minister of England. He used to work 18 hours a day. He was once asked if he ever got worried. “I have so much work to do,” he replied, “that I don’t have the time to worry.”

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The well known scientist Louis Pasteur has said that peace can be found in only two places – the library or the laboratory. You are so absorbed in your work in both these places that you simply do not have time to waste. Involve yourself completely in your work. Make your mind your slave.


Of course, you cannot be working or studying all the time. But you can be busy all the time. Play for a while; clean your room; wash your clothes; bring vegetables from the market; polish your shoes; and do some gardening.


Swami Shraddhananda once said that instead of letting the mind idle, it was better to tear apart your shirt and stitch it up all once again! All that he meant was that you must keep yourself busy. You keep the mind so busy that it hardly gets time to think of useless things.

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