Life - a non funny joke, sometimes,
To stare with arms folded,
That doesn’t tend to make merry,
At least by mistake, left with,
Trembling with heartfelt tears

A thousand calorific cakes,
To enjoy, excite and cherish,
When the giant wheel moves high,
Things around go behind the scene,
Eventually, we forget the sky above,

The ghost of frown will never let you alone,
In some means, will cut you into slices,
Slap you to floor a d mask your face with hate.
What after all it wants,
Have you seen a clock ticking after 3?
It swings between despair and excitement,
Battling with willpower is the requisite now.

Whether your heads get buried onto your hands to cry,
With knots inside and days are nowhere near perfection.
Or with flowers for foot and people to fan when you succeed.
So is life a pendulum piece? To see the sun, you need a sun,
To know what life is, live your life.

When you are the anvil, just bear.
When you are the hammer, strike hard.
What we are? Is what we do and
What we will be is what we think.
When a poem is knit with a pen and less letters,
To lead a smooth life, the strength and power,
To get through the pitfalls is all enough.

To erase worries, create sweet memories,
With suspense of next second and
Distance for your rhyme,
Lets not look back to reverse our wheels,
But, chase your destiny and that will heal.



just put aside our human life for a while. we need to accept that all other creatures in this worlds has it's own life but they never annoying abt it while they living each moments freely beside with nature. we human are the ones always talking, discussing about what is life, etc. our past heroes, histories are the cause for these kind of annoyings, thinkings about life. when you do not want a history then who cares about the life? please dont stick with words such as life, god, love & etc. words can never be ended, words will always have their alternatives to start another discussion.

we can realize/see wht is life by just looking at the world itself. we just need time for that to enjoy looking at the world rather no one can explain wht is life in just words.

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