Here are different views on success:

success means to reach one's goal, no doubt, but it becomes all d more precious when u put  100% in achieving that goal. When you emerge triumphant after all your passionate hard work, it feels like temporary bliss. Success is nothing but happiness. you achieve what you think, dream, you are happy.The time you spent with your friends, your loved ones, is success too. You help the needy, poor. It is success. Anything you do that pleases your heart develops positive energy inside your soul, mind and body. Success is not a destination it’s a journey, get the owner what you deserve, Success means the ultimate satisfaction one achieves when his/her dreams are achieved! Success is to achieve all your desires by working hard. true success comes only by struggle and hard work. A long n a beautiful destination after our SMART WORK with full DEDICATION. success is a relative term. Relative in terms of your ambitions and desire to excel in whichever field u are. it’s actually achieving the goal which you think you are worthy of. There are many people running in a race but everybody have their own goals. One might want to come first, another just want to improve his last record, another want to just touch the finishing line and so on. And if they all get what they are seeking for then everybody has succeeded!If you aim for something and you get it, it is not success. It is victory. But you repeat it 10 times it is sucess I mean to say if you are consistent in winning that is success.


Almost all people want to achieve it
success which makes u to feel proud
success makes others to think about you
success which makes u feel happy
success makes u self satisfied
Secret of success
No short cuts to success
Determined and whole hearted work I guess.

Being successful is relative; it means different things to different people. For me, success means being able to say that I am happy with what I am doing. Success is not just a destination, it is a journey. What use is destination when you are all wearied out after the journey??It is a journey not a destination. Success is based on imagination plus ambition and the will to work Success consists of hard work determination enthusiasm, and desire to achieve success. It is consists of journey not destination that never ends. It is based on imagination plus combination plus hard work. It is the mixture of good recipe of hard work and confidence and will power. Success is not just a term it is energy to doing achieve big in like, If people achieve success then become try to again to get something is those life and want to do sometime in his life. Everyone is not same they have the different mindset and have different attitude to do something, in his life .he wants to do something if he thinks he can do something.

You are what you believe:

The most important quality you can ever develop is having belief in yourself. The belief that you can, without a shadow of a doubt achieve success in every area of your life. Virtually every person has the capacity to do wonderful things with his/her life. But the greatest single obstacle is self-doubt. Many people wish they could accomplish certain things but lack the belief that they can actually do it. each one of us has feelings of inferiority because we feel that we are not good enough. we think that we are not good as other people and we feel we are not good enough to acquire and enjoy things we want in life. The universal law of belief says that whatever we believe, with feelings becomes our reality. We do not believe what we see, instead, we see what we believe to develop positive beliefs, and you have to decide exactly, where you you want to end up in future. The clearer you are about the result you want to in your future, the easier it will be for you to change your actions and behaviors in the short term. This in turn will assure you achieve what you want in the long term. Once you clearly decided on the type of person you want to be, you will have already taken a major step in developing new beliefs. in order to incorporate your new beliefs into your everyday life, you have to disciplined yourself to act exactly in every situation as if you already were that person.SUCCESSFULL people are not extraordinary or special in any way, they are not different from you or I. but all successful people do have the unwavering belief that they can accomplish anything that they really want in life. So from this day forward, see yourself as the very best you can be, and refuse to accept any limitations on your possibilities. Once you develop that belief in yourself, and you act in accordance with your belief, your future will be unlimited!
Success means different things to different people. It is a very subjective term with no clear cut definition which could be agreed upon by, all. But for sure, to succeed u definitely need to work hard, have patience and be sure of what your needs are because the achievements of your needs can help u measure your success.
There is only one secret to success in life, and it’s NOT what you think it is.

It is NOT:

- Hard work;
- Persistence;
- Attitude;
- Confidence;
- Focus;
- Positive thinking;
- Trying lots of things and keeping what works;
- Finding what you love doing and becoming good at it.

It’s none of the above!

Although all of those things are important, the one and the only secret to success in life is much simpler.

Configuration of mind:

success depends on our thoughts i.e. how we analyze our aim and every faces of it and planned accordingly and each plan should have proper logic behind it. And then it depends on you that how you configure your mind to carry yourself in that direction. Also if we have the tendency and ability to analyze our failures and learn from them accordingly, Then that failure becomes even more pleasant than some of the successes, as it serves as a background for our future ventures. I too want to share that wonderful common & integrated formula with as many people as possible. But preparing things before actually starting.

Formula for success:


Is Success all about "Money":
success is not all about money. Only thing is that modern world has started to perceive it to be a yardstick of measuring success. Money has eclipsed the importance of other very important thing in life. if success is all about money then gandhiji was not successful. even our current president Dr.kalam is not success. All those per Consider the situation in a country like India, where we boast that we’ve got the best culture dating back to thousands of years, great brain, many geographical landmarks, beautiful landscape, a GDP growing at a staggering rate, a few of the top 10 richest people, emerging space power etc.But we are called a third world country, why?

The answer is simple. We’re not the richest! At least not among the rich nations. The issue is pretty simple as I see it; money may not be a benchmark to measure success but. If u assigns scores to certain factors that can be used as a scale to measure then I bet money will definitely hold a very highest score!  Who say money is everything has to introspect failure gives way to success. After reaching this point you feel like anything. There is stage when you think about the path through which you have crossed your obstacles, leaving behind footprints to be followed. SUCCESS is never weighed by money, rather how many efforts, hard work, long sleepiness night’s you have spent.

What is more important -- success or achievement?

Achievement is superior to success. Success is getting something u want, how u get is not important. It is instantaneous feeling or in simple words it’s an achievement for any instant of time. Achievement is something which we should be bothered about.

if I got a job after my study, it means I am successful at that moment of time. How much knowledge I have got while studying is not important, the fact is that I have got a job, so I am successful. Now consider I am very bright student. I have got so many rewards from my teacher. But I didn’t get job. So here, I am not successful, yet i have achieved the knowledge, the concepts. So achievement is series of getting short success. Success and achievement are two different things. Consider this case.. I would call myself successful if I score first rank. However, if I stand second I have achieved second rank but I am not successful. So I think success is more satisfactory and achievement is not always success.

Good marks= Corporate Success?

Good marks definitely make a difference initially when the person is getting recruited. The person stands out. The moment you read a resume with 80% and above surely create some impression on you.. Not necessarily the best candidate but is perceived as a good candidate. . It about how people utilize the opportunities that they come across. how well can they handle different situations. Again we need to balance things out we cannot totally ignore academics and concentrate on other traits only.

Good Marks + Good Skills + Smart work= Corporate Success
Average Marks + Good Skills + Smart work= Corporate Success
Poor Marks + Good Skills + Smart work= Corporate Success (If he was recruited)
In my opinion grades don’t predict success. It might help a person to get into one of the best companies but definitely does not assure success. One must have the right blend of knowledge and skills, and must be able to implement the same in the corporate world. This will certainly help the person to go long way in corporate world. “Seek excellence in each thing you do and success will follow”. So one must not study for marks, but must be focused on understanding and should be able to draw patterns and know as to how they will be able to implement the same. Grades will fall in place. I am sure most of us have watched the movie 3 idiots and one of the most prominent learning was:
Never try to be successful, pursue excellence
• Success is the bye product and the result
• Excellence always creates Success and it is a process of continual improvement
• Never run after success
• Let it happen automatically in life.

Well what exactly is this concept we call success? Is it having a lot of money? Is it living in a nice house? Is it owning an expensive car or perhaps wearing nice clothes? The answer to all of these questions is "not exactly."After all, success is not an exact thing. Attaining success and being successful can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. What one person may consider to be successful may not be to someone else. And vice versa. OK then, what in the heck is success? Success for each person can only be determined solely by that individual. Each person must develop his or her own measuring stick for quantifying his or her own personal achievement.

You and only you get to determine what success means to you and even more importantly, the level of success you achieve in life. This determination may not necessarily pertain to money and things, but may instead focus on the degree of your happiness and contentment in life. One thing is for certain however. Regardless of your connotation of success, there is little doubt that the key to being successful is consistently doing your best, working towards the goals you have established for yourself and most of all, doing what you love to do with your life.


Without question, passionately pursuing those things that drive you, excite you and set you on fire is the key to your long term personal growth and success. Success is not some elusive illusion that you only get to fantasize about. Not at all. Success is your destiny on earth. You were put here for a reason, it’s just up to you to find that reason and then make it happen. And finding that reason simply requires that you listen to it and then follow your heart. When you finally take control of your life and accept 100% responsibility for who you are, where you are going, how you are going to get there and when you are going arrive your Countdown to Success begins.

Success vs Failure:

‘Success’ and ‘failure’ is same thing. Like light and darkness, one needs other to exist. World stands on ‘duality’, chase one you get the ‘other’. To ordinary, both gives different experiences, to the ‘peaceful’, both gives same experience of ‘santi’. We seek ‘nothingness’. Actually our soul doesn't differentiate between failure and success, in the pure sense soul wants to accept the two situations by responding but not by reacting. Its only our misery, its only our head, its only our expectation which gets understand the difference soul doesn't like to differentiate, its only our head which wants to avoid the responsibility of failure n differentiate it.

Failure is another chance to improve ourselves; Can you count anybody who got success without failure? hats the hidden secret of successful person in life..Failure has its own importance; just give the importance like success. Both Failure and success are the recycle of life, play the game of life by putting our soul. Now I believe it would slowly have impact on your thought process.

Successful failure:

I feel we should learn to enjoy everything we do.. Then whether there's success or failure (which is only our perception we feel satisfied. What we feel is our success today, may result in failure in the days to come so why worry? Just give your 100% .I think then you will be looking for failures too.Success is the result of planning, patience and perseverance. Success always comes to those who try hard and long enough. The life of successful men is not a story of continuous successes.

In the struggle of existence, the fittest only survives. Persistence produces power. To fail proves, you are trying. Every failure is a dress rehearsal for success. Every opportunity for success also contains the possibility of failure. Never give up. The words failure and defeat are not same.




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