It always affects the growth of man. The pity is that, it does not stop there.

  1. a) It kills the natural talent.
  2. b) It destroys the faculty of reason gifted by God.
  3. c) It gives way to all kinds of mischievous and wicked ideas.

Once the mind harbors such villainous thoughts, he is doomed. Therefore every one of us should shed this laziness. Our mind should always be filled with noble thoughts for noble ends. It should be filled with creative or constructive ideas. Thus our mind should be free from pollution of mischievous ideas. It must be always pure with lofty ideas and ideals. And it must be our sincere endeavor to realize our goals. That speaks of a healthy mind.


If we sit idle, all kinds of evil thoughts enter our mind. These thoughts lead to evil actions. Once we become wicked in our mind, we go on committing one evil after another. We become destructive and devilish.


It is for this reason; we have to keep our mind busy with some constructive ideas or work. We have to work hard to achieve our goals. If we are busy, we will have no time left for the mind to wander. It saves us from so many unwanted situations. Not only that. We will be doing something constructive. And this helps us to be successful in life.


If we are lazy, we miss many things in life. To cover up our laziness, we will have to invent excuses. In other words, we learn to speak lies. We become liars. Again, if we are lazy, we go on postponing doing things. Even the urgent things are left out. So, we become an awful failure in life. Procrastination is the thief of time. Our valuable time is wasted. All our opportunities are lost forever. Every time we miss the bus. By the time we realize it, it will be too late.


Just imagine what happens, if a student in lazy and postpones his studies. He can not prepare for the exams well in advance. That brings him nothing but failure. Or, imagine a farmer who is too lazy to sow seeds in time. One precious year is lost for him forever. Few creatures in this world are lazy. Why should we be like them? Why not we make ourselves busy doing something useful and constructive like birds and bees?

So, let us be hard working and busy. Let us not waste our time in idleness. Let us make good of our time and go ahead in life.

Have you heard the fable of the ant the grasshopper?


The ant is always busy in summer collecting food and saving for the winter. His granary is full. He has saved enough for the winter too.

But the grasshopper spent all her time in singing and dancing. She never thought of the hard days ahead. She never thought of saving for the winter. The winter came and her store was empty. She had no food. So, she approached the ant and begged for food. The ant mockingly asked her, `what were you doing all the summer?I was singing and dancing’ replied the grasshopper, ashamed of her laziness. The ant did pity her. He said, `Why, then, go, sing and dance now also’. The poor grasshopper was st6arved to0 death. So, she had to pay a heavy penalty for her laziness.


*So, remember- industry is always rewarded. Giddiness or laziness is always punished.






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