City life also known as Urban life is quite different from the rural life and the people living in cities are also  quite different in nature, habit, taste, manners and thought from the rural people. Besides there are actually various pros and cons of the city life which I would like to discuss in this article of mine.

Basically, in my opinion city lives have various pros or better known as advantages. People living in cities  are quite different from the rural people in relation with life styles, eating habits, their surroundings, their way of communication etc. It has been found in a recent survey  that the city people are more educated than rural people and due to this fact they can face any problem in their day to day life. People living in cities very often prefer ready made and non-vegetarian food as they don't bother about cooking them and eating them regularly throughout the thirty days on a given month. This has become more or less their habit because of the fact they don't have much time left to do so and both men and women work for a living here in most of the household. The people living in cities are more busy and have value for their time than the rural people as their standard of living compels them to work hard to meet the expenses of their day to day life. People living in cities are very much fond of going and visiting different places and researching the monuments, scriptures, statues etc. There are many examples of great people who belong to the cities.

In comparison to the urban people, people living in rural areas have limited income and they try their best to earn more money but somehow they cannot achieve their goal. The people of rural areas are not so educated and they cannot afford to have better irrigation and cultivation facilities in order to grow more crops. The farmers in the rural areas have to depend on weather for rain for their income and its very risky if the rain fails to arrive at the proper time. So considering this fact, the city people enjoy a more stable kind of life and earning and they are far more luckier then the people of the rural areas. Moreover, the employment facilities are more in the urban areas than the rural areas and if one is hardworking, he will not die from hunger and thrust. The over all means of communication and  communication facilities are also  well developed in cities in comparison to the remote villages. A city is the centre of trade, industry and education. It is the nerve centre of the business and is therefore involved with full of activity, development and change. And to add to it all, the best medical facilities are also available here with large well-equipped hospitals and doctors.

In Spite of all these facilities, I think city life is far from being peaceful and happy. They seldom  live in unity and harmony and often create big issues for a trifle matters. There are many instances when a crime and robbery took place in the next door and the family living beside is unaware of it or pretends to be unaware of it for their own safety. In comparison to this the people of the rural areas live as a whole unit and they care and share with each other in their problems and woes. Apart from these, the people living in cities are more money minded and they think of money more rather than respecting their elders  and parents. Many youths in the city take to smoking, drinking, and gambling and sometimes they even get involved with antisocial activities. If they are morally weak they always choose the wrong path and the crime rate of city increases. Moreover, they keeps on eating a lot of junk food which is not at all good for their health. The rural people never indulge themselves with these activities for they have only limited money to fulfil the basic necessities of life and in a way it helps them a lot. I believe the rural areas are the perfect breeding grounds of our youngsters and it will help them to grow as an individual far from the madding crowd of cities. There is ample playgrounds, rivers, fresh air, healthy food and the people here are of simple and straightforward in their approach. A middle class life in city is like living in a small flat bounded in the four walls and in the scarcity of water and electricity and living in the arms of pollution.


Though I mentioned alot of disadvantages about the life in cities if you ask me personally which kind of life I would prefer, I would answer you that I would love to live in a city as the people living here are more broad-minded and they get better employment opportunities. The life in city keeps us busy without any boredom and always keeps us on the move. Though many poets have written poems about the life in cities and villages, I think it depends on ones personal preference and choice where one wants to live.

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