Stay away from stresses
Stresses and tensions are the biggest universal problems today. Almost every one in the world is going through some or the other problems like stresses, depressions, lack of interest toward life and disturbed mental health. This problem is increasing by the day and taking people in its grip. People are going through hopes and disheartened states, joys and sorrows, success and failures and what not that creates problems for them.

The fact is if can learn to remain happy in worst of situations that would solve many such problems, although this is easy to say but difficult to implement in reality. We feel one way while every thing is working all right but we feel stressed while we face problems, which are parts of the life. That is an art to stay calm while the going is tough, that is really testing time.


What makes us tensed?
We know there are many reasons of these problems; the fact is that they are different for different people. Even smallest of problems may look like big ones for some of us where as some others may not consider them a problem at all. As some people can sleep in any conditions but some others, find even the slightest of disturbance a big problem while sleeping and tension take over them easily. Some people become tensed while find themselves in a traffic jam. These are very small things but irritate some of us like any thing. All these small problems are fatal and make us an easy victim for heart related problems. Therefore, this is advisable to stay as much calm and cool as much possible.

Stay calm and cool:  but how
If you want to stay healthy then the best way is to remain positive. Staying cool and positive while trying to find a solution of the problem is the best way, come what may. Ranting never helps in any case, that makes us a  laughingstock only Ranting and complaining only increase the chances of health hazards, and they are no good in any way. You cannot imagine staying healthy without staying calm and at ease at all times especially while the difficult moments are there in your life.

We get disappointed easily while the results of any thing are not as per our expectations. That is natural, very much human. So why not plan it well before doing any thing new. A planned job would get us the best of results and we shall be happier with the outcome. If you would stay calm and would learn to take results gracefully, you shall never feel disappointed. The best way is to find a solution of the problems whatever the case, however big they are in size. There is no alternative.

How to deal negativity
Ask any one who knows the secrets of happy life that these are your real friends who help you stay calm and cool in any difficult situations. Without healthy relations with people, you shall never feel energetic and happy. Yes, there are people who feel jealous with your success and try to show you down. However, this is their problem, not yours. You should carry on with normal pace and do your work as you do as ever to not to let them succeed. They will cease to be negative at a certain point.


Avoid certain life styles
Yes, this is another way of keeping away from worries, depressions, panic disorders and negative thoughts. The way we are living making a big difference, lifestyles have changed altogether. We are going through a changed environment. We are neither here nor there. We are thinking in terms of our orthodox ways and acting some thing different while it comes to implementation. This is the price for the phases we have to pay we are passing through. We should keep ourselves moving ahead to help us forget the problems. That is one of the best ways to avoid tensions and stresses. Keeping ourselves busy is the key to stay away from some of the problems those may take us into their grips. Drink lime with water in place of tea and coffee, which are only temporary solutions.

Share your problems, have some hobbies
Sharing problems with your true friends would make them look not as difficult as you thought they were initially. While you share them with your true friends, you feel relieved instantly. They may have some suggestions for you. Never keep problems within yourself, you shall find half of them gone as soon as you share them. That would make you feel instantly relieved.

Another good way to be happy is to keep yourself busy with some thing you lie to do while you are having some spare moments. Gardening, photography, cooking, walking, watching TV, listening to music are some of the hobbies those make things easy for you. I try some photo shooting while feeling depressed. I simply take one of my cameras and go out to find some targets. That keeps me busy for some times and while I come back I feel relaxed up to a certain point.


How to stay fresh
Always concentrate on positive aspects of life and c

onsider negativity as the worst of your enemies. Never feel bad if you fail in some thing despite you tried your hardest and did not get the desired results. Your job was to see to it that you did your best but the result was not in your hands entirely. One may feel disappointed while something happens like that. This is better to let it not take control of the situation. That is not good for you. Try to find a solution and make amendments. I am sure you would find a solution and things would get right. There is no way you would not succeed. However, you shall have to start afresh and accomplish your target. Nevertheless, think of the joy that you would feel while you shall achieve it.

I am sure, you are capable of handling any situations those come and create problems for you. I know nothing can stop finding a solution of these minor bugs those are parts of the game. Just stand straight and face them with courage. Victory is all yours. Enjoy it.

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