They do not know the problems of poor people
I know the current situation of inflation does not make an effect on our representatives who are sitting in various houses and thinking that every thing is going on smoothly for public. For them people earning Rupees25 in villages and Rupees30 in cities are above poverty line and doing fine. Probably they are not aware that a city labor going for his work needs more than Rupees 30 to travel up and down for his work.

However, how would they know this, they have different scales to measure the problems for others than their own self. They would never now it because the people who decide the fate of common people are rising at too fast a rate. They have no feelings for common man because they do not want to understand the basic problems of people who have nothing to eat or a roof on their heads.


Inflation rate is back in double digit
Rates of every commodities have sky rocketed in last couple of months. Every thing including vegetables, milk, petrol, groceries and fruits are the main items, which have gone out of reach of common people. The budget of a commoner is beyond his control. Most of the families are facing the problem of meeting two ends due to rates of wheat, pulses, cooking oil, sugar, tea, rice, spices milk, curds, medicines and other commonly used items in a household. There is no way but to reduce the consumption and delete some of the items from the list of use however, that is not so simple.

They claim to give us subsidies on many products
Yes that is right, they provide us subsidy on products like petrol, LPG, kerosene and a few food products. However, there is an unanswered question, which no one seems to ask. Why do they have to provide the subsidy where the common mathematics would suggest that there was no reason to incur losses on present rates of consumer prices? The reality is that mismanagement makes the facts different. They are losing because they are not competent and spending more on management and processing than they actually should. They are making some unnecessary expenses, which is the main reason of higher cost of finished product in oil sector like other governmental sectors.


The fact is our increments in salaries are lesser than increase in prices
They talk of increment in the salaries for an employee, which is true upto, some extent only. The fact is they are finding ways to increase prices and bring more people in the list of ‘above poverty line’ list by implementing different new rules, which would enable government to reduce subsidies and increase prices. They were working according to growth rate at the rate of 9% but this in fact is not going up more than at the rate of 6%
A growth rate of 6% is not a good sign for common person and this country. The rates have gone up almost by 60 to 80% for different commodities but the salaries have gone up only by 10 to 15% in the period in question


Home loans and petrol prices are the main reason
In last couple of years, the rates of interest have gone up by 20-30% in general on home loans where as the petrol prices have gone by 30% making an impact on middle class in particular. Their budget has gone totally out of control. In fact, this remains one of the biggest dreams of a commoner today to own a home of his own. Let us see what an average Indian is missing –
1- More than a billion people in India have not seen an airplane from a close distance in their life.
2- Let us not talk about a house of their own - that is big deal.
3- Most of the people have not traveled in an AC compartment of a train.
4- Most of the people have not seen a big house of a posh area of a metro, leave apart entering into one.
5- I have my own doubts if most of the people have even traveled to capital of India.
6- Thousands of farmers in this country commit suicide every year in this country due to not getting enough money for their produce or their crop not giving them expected yield.
7- Most of the villages in many areas have gone out of the area to earn money to make their families survive. These villages have only old people or small children besides the women. The main reason of people going away is the scarcity of water, which is main source of cultivation.
8- Most of the middle class urban people have taken some or the other loans from various sources mostly from banks.
9- Cases of suicides are going up in urban areas also due to non-payment of loans as well.

Please do not compare us with China
They compare our growth rate with China but there is no comparison as such between the two countries in any practical sense. Look for yourself- the average income of a Chinese is about Rupees 25000 per annum where as we earn a mere Rupees 45000 at an average per annum, big difference of more than five times. Economy of china stands at $6000 billion where as India stands at one fourth of that at about $1,450 only. China is in profit of about $200 billion whereas India is in deficit of about $90 billion as far as exports are concerned.


People have started riding a bicycle
There is no other way to survive the frequent raise in petrol prices but to stop driving your four or two wheeler. I was regretting while I sold my car in February this year de to my personal reasons but today I am feeling too happy to have done it because the resale value of cars is going down rapidly. The best part of the story is that we shall be gaining from this petrol price-hike in shape of health that we shall obtain using a cycle in place of bikes and the most valuable foreign exchange saved due to reduction in consumption of petrol.

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