There is a reason for every relation, we make in our life. There is some purpose of those relations. In every relation, there are expectations. If your relation is with someone is very good or you are very close to that person, more and more expectation will be there. Without expectation, the existence of the relation is not there. But, there is nothing wrong in expecting anything from our people. If we don’t expect from our people, then with whom, we should keep our expectation?


The person, who doesn’t have expectation, has an inefficiency of something. We humans live with expectation and to fulfill the expectation we work hard. Humans don’t only expect to get love, but also to love as well. You would feel lucky and fortunate, if you have a person, who loves you very much.


Love needs mirror. If you want to give something, but there is no one to take then what will happen? To love someone, is also the human’s expectation. To love someone is humans Necessity. Every person loves someone or other. The person, who doesn’t know how to love, can’t give love to other. We have always said and heard that in love there should no expectation. In listening these talk, looks very simple, but in reality it is completely different. In love, there is always an expectation.


Let’s have an example for understand these about facts, which we have discussed. There was one couple, who used to love each other very much. The man used to love his Women, used to fulfill all her needs, used to satisfy all the things which the women wants. The Man always used to say to that women, who was his lover, that I have no expectation from her. The man used to tell her that, I love you from my bottom of my heart. The women one day told to her lover that you always tell me that I have no expectation, but I think that you should have expectation from me, as the enjoyment in fulfilling the expectation is in love and also she added that you too have expectation. You are lying to me. Man didn’t understood his lovers thought.


Once, the women have reduced talking with her lover. She was not responding to her lover’s response. If she brings flowers for him, she puts next to her lover. If she brings Chocolate for her lover, she doesn’t give him and give it some boy. Man was very sad due to this behavior of his lover. After having tired of looking such behavior, he asked to his lover, that, why you are behaving with me like this? She answered by saying that, you didn’t had expectation. She told that you do your work according to you and I will do my work according to myself. The Man told that this is not fair. The Women told to her lover that, then you should tell the truth, that he also wants love from her. The women added that Expectation is must. She wants that love between them should go beyond their limit. She tells that expectation would be there between us. Both of have expectation on each other. She tells to her lover that, I want to increase this expectation ever more than before. The women had huge expectation but she also wanted to agree to her lover that she too gives that equal love to him. To tell that there is no expectation decreases the love. So it’s better to have huge expectation. This will make our relation more strong than before.


Human being should always keep the expectation. To satisfy expectation is LOVE. That is the relation. There are many people in this world that feels happy when they themselves satisfy the expectation of their people. Human being becomes happier when he/she gives happy to their people.


Human beings always love 2 things. One is Price and other is Surprise. The purpose of giving Surprise is always to keep their people and family happy. If we see in one way, that is also our expectation to see our people and family happy. If we go to someone’s house to give surprise and if that person instead of becoming happy, becomes angry to you then? That makes you more sad, as you get opposite of what you had expected.


There is no problem in keeping expectation. One thing we should keep in our mind that our expectation should not be such that other person can't satisfy. Many times, even when the person has expectation of fulfilling others needs, but due to some problems, he/she can’t fulfill it. It doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t have love. Every human being has some limit. Every Human being has some restrictions.


Our expectation should not overcome the love. Sometimes, when our expectation goes high, and the other person, is not able to fulfill that expectation, then the relation between those people becomes weak. I think we should understand the other person also. His/her limit should be our mind before expecting. Love always takes exams. We should not create difficulty for other person, towards expectation. This could be worst in our relation and the relations could break. Love always gives the answers. If the expectation which are not fulfilled now, will be fulfilled tomorrow. Every Morning is a new start. Every morning new expectations arise. So once ignored, it can be fulfilled next time.


One Beloved told to her lover that I ask something from you and you provide me, is disagree to me. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want anything from you. What I want that even though I don’t ask from you, and you satisfy my needs, is what I want from you. Well! This discussion is not about asking anything or giving anything, but it’s that understanding that is needed in between the Beloved and her lover. You could feel that joy within you and your lover, when the understanding meets between them. Without sound even Disgust doesn’t remain still. If you disgust to someone and he/she doesn’t feel that disgust. If you slap a person and he/she doesn’t feel that slap on the face then? If that disgust is not possible without sound, then how could love be possible?


In every relation, we have an expectation if happiness or Sadness. Every time we have an expectation to reduce the sadness and increase the happiness among our people. More and more close relations, more and more expectations. If we are having 5 friends and from them they would 2 or 3 friends with whom our tuning is very good and they always remain in touch with you. So, you would have more expectations from them.


If we believe on our friends of not expecting those things which he/she did, we say that I didn’t expected from you. We always have an expectation from our friends to be good with our self. Also, we have an expectation from our self as well to do well. We check our self various times that we are not going wrong on our path. Various times we get Negative thoughts in our mind that makes us angry and we could do something wrong with us or with other.


There were 2 friends. One friend told to other about some internal things, which he is going to commit. The other friend thought that his friend is not doing right. He told to his friend, that you are not doing this right. The friend told to other friend that I was not expecting this from you. The other friend told that what were you expecting? You thought that I am would agree to your work, which you are going to do? Or I told no, that you didn’t expect? In the end the other friend told that, because I think that the work which you are going to do is not good, that’s why I told you to remain away but even though you commit this work, then too I will be with you, because you are my friend. To satisfy expectation by closing our eyes is also not love.


There is a huge difference between Expectation and Hegemony. Various times our expectations goes to the limit of Hegemony and this hegemony is responsible for the ending our relation and love with others. Keep expectation in love and be ready to fulfill those expectations. Just keep one thing in the mind that the expectations should not be able to touch the sky when the expectations can’t be heard.



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