New standards of being social

A big friends’ list on every social networking sites and big followers list on twitter is a common sign of being social today the people not in this category are not supposed to be called social now. Generally, people take them for old fashioned and unknown of using social networks or unsocial in other words. 

twitterHowever, do you think so that the one who does not have friends online is backward or old fashioned? At least I am not the one who thinks so despite having almost forty thousand online friends whom I do not know at all in real life although there are a couple of hundred whom I know personally but never communicate with them on these sites. 

Now the question arises about being personal on such sites! What is your comfort level, how for can you reveal about your personal details on these sites? I would say there is no harm sharing your details up to a certain limit because you are a real person and if you have nothing to hide or you are not a fake then there is no harm if your friends around the world know a little bit about you.

When you interact with others on such sites, you always share your views with them and want to know about their feelings and thinking. There is nothing wrong as far as that is not revealing your private information. People would not take you seriously if your interaction level were zero with no personal touch. People understand you better and give you more weightage if they know about your age, social status and job profile etc. Therefore, there is no harm if you share about your job profile, age group, gender and area you live in. 

A platform that keeps you informed

Social networking sites are mainly a platform that keeps you updated about the latest news around the globe and the activities of your friends instantly. This is no more a taboo people used to keep a distance not so long ago. In fact, nothing is too personal unless you want to keep it from your friends. On the contrary, more and more people are coming forward to share smallest of things with friends through messages and tweets for the people who have smallest of values in social circles. This subject may well be a matter of debate as to how does it benefit us reading and liking such news on sites like Facebook but that is trend of the day


This is like writing a diary 

The trend of updating in social networking sites is related to people of certain age group in particular, you can see mostly see users in between Sixteen to thirty five more active on Facebook who update their status regularly thinking like writing a diary. Most of these people are students or associated with a profession. They love to share their schedule of the day with friends and family.

Now most of the networking sites have started resetting their rules of privacy to avoid dangerous effects of misuse of some of the messages and photographs shared. Some users set their privacy to ‘friends only’ but there are dangers of misuse of such content cannot be ruled out if it is too personal or of adult nature. The privacy settings cannot save your data from hackers or do not guarantee that others may not be able to have an access on them.


These sites are addictive 

Social networking sites have become part of the life for almost every one who has access to a computer and internet. These sites have an addictive effect on the user who cannot keep a distance for a long time and finds himself busy with different activities available on such sites. If you watch the activities of your friends regularly, you would find that most of tem do not mind sharing their private life and other routine activities on such site. Only thirty to forty percent people keep their personal matters private and share only limited activities. 

Most of them share while 

  • They find themselves upset and no one else to share their problems offline
  • They try to express their problems through a photograph or updating their status
  • Some of the user want to show themselves off and share social issues to make you aware about their knowledge of the topic
  • Female love to gossip and share their outings, shopping, fashion sense, films and matters related to boyfriends.
  • Some users keep uploading photographs of the different occasions. They never forget to upload every outing, birthdays, marriages attended and what not. 

I am a user of almost all the social sites

Yes, that is true I am one of the proud user of almost all the networking sites worth their name but I seldom visit them. That is right again, I seldom visit them but I use them all on regular basis through the sites I write for. As every knows that we have a share button every site that works automatically and updates your work if you simply click on them. Like you can see a share section on this article also, that will share this article on your page if you only click it provided you have an account on that particular site. 

You maybe a frequent user of social networking sites but I suggest you to be careful about what you share with your friends because you are not sure that all of your friends are what they pose to be or may not misuse what you share with them. There is no harm as long you do it for fun but sharing personal or private data may harm your cause. People in government jobs where data may reach into wrong hands must be more careful as the government has banned the use of such sites for men in uniform. 

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In the end

We can see most celebrities update their status and daily routine because they have a big fan following who wants to know about the life of their favorite stars. The stars also want to remain in touch because that is a way of free publicity for them. However, this is absolutely a personal matter for a particular member of the society as to how he/she looks at the issue and how he shares his information.

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