April fools day is celebrated on 1st of April in many countries. It is also called as "All Fools day". People play practical jokes and tricks to each other on that day. People tell hoaxes on that day. Have you ever been fooled on April Fools' Day.  you may wonder how this tradition  started. Nobody knows how the tradition started. We can get explanation from the calendar.  In the past, people used to celebrate New Year’s Day on April 1. They used to celebrate the day very, very well. Just like today, people would have big parties to celebrate. They enjoyed a lot of this celebration. Over time, the calendar changed and so did the date for New Year. In the year of 1500s, the new calendar marked New Year’s Day as January 1st. In the past, there was no media to spread the news of this change of New Year Day. It was spread very, very slowly by the word of mouth from one to another. Some resisted this. They did not accept the change. So they continued the celebration on April 1st. The people who celebrated the New Year Day on April 1st is called as "April fools".

People following the new calendar played tricks on the "April fools" by sending them on “fool’s errands”. They had the "April  fools" deliver invitations to big New Year’s celebrations that  weren’t really going to happen. In France, "April fools" were called "Poisson d'Avril", the meaning is "April Fish". The name came because fish were easily catched, likewise they also easily be cheated. Children used to tag the paper fish on the persons back to mark them as an "April Fish". The person discovered the paper fish on back, all used to yell as "April Fish". Not everyone is convinced that this is actually how the tradition of April Fools’ Day began. Many tried to pinpoint the exact date of the first 'April Fool's Day, but this also led to more pranks. Similarly we aren’t sure how this tradition began. People still celebrate April Fools’ Day by playing  tricks on each other. They enjoyed if anyone is fooled by these tricks. So the next time you prank  someone and yell “April Fools!” remember that the day may actually be about the people who didn’t want to change their traditions when the new calendar was adopted. 

Simple tips for fooling others

  • Hide something and let them find out
  • tell him that his dress is dirty. Check it. (Usually playing like this)
  • Tell him somebody wants you 
  • Somebody is waiting in reception to meet you
  • See your earring is missing. Please check.
  • insect behind your leg
  • You failed in exams
  • Your money is lying on the floor

April fools day is not a national holiday. The day is giving a chance to all of us have some fun and enjoy. In the year 2010, Google changed its name to "Topeka" for a day.  

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