Emotional Intelligence

A young author and novelist Jess C Scott says - “When our emotional health is in a bad state, so is our level of self-esteem. We have to slow down and deal with what is troubling us, so that we can enjoy the simple joy of being happy and at peace with ourselves.”

Generally, most people are emotional but a professional never lets his emotions take over him on his working mood. He knows how to be emotionally intelligent to be successful. You might have seen people around you who despite being intelligent and hard working never succeed to the extent where they belong to just because they are not aware that they are not utilizing their emotional intelligence, necessary to reach to their full potential. We are living in the age of emotional quotient that has left spiritual and intelligence quotient behind.

You must learn to control your feelings

Being emotionally intelligent does not force you to be emotionally blank or have no feelings but despite being emotional and having soft feelings you should learn to overreact while dealing with complex situations. Incidentally most people lack this art and suffer in different ways for lack of this quality. It is an art to keep your feelings under control however bad a situation or you going through worst of situations. And to be frank this particular problem is not gender related but the only difference is that women generally begin to weep with tears coming out easily at a drop of a hat and men becoming angry on smallest of incidents and going out of control. 

The fact is that men and women who cannot control their emotions harm themselves professionally and on personal fronts. Need of the day is a controlled behavior without showing your weaknesses in front of others who would only take undue advantage of your abnormal emotional attitude only. I know this is not easy to change yourself overnight but you should at least show yourself doing it even if you cannot change all of a sudden.

Never decide in bad mood

Try to keep your decisions pending if you are feeling low, angry, jealous or sad because in such conditions you shall be under a different mental status where you find decision making not just or could be biased which you might regret later. As a professional you must know well that decisions taken under such circumstances lead you nowhere. Your success rate depends on your decisions so be careful how you treat such situations. 

Try to improve on your EQ

Emotional quotient is not a matter of improvement which you can do overnight, it takes lot of efforts to improve. In fact, it is way of your upbringing that is mainly responsible for your behavior and how you treat others and in turn expect others to behave with you in tensed situation. And when something unexpected happens that probably is your best time to test yourself for your emotional quotient or control your emotions in a way that serves best in your favor. Best opportunity to improve your EQ comes while you are in adverse situations.    

It is advised by most behavior councilors and management gurus to evaluate yourself for your weaker points while you are in bad moods and try to improve on your emotions, which let you down. The best option to avoid ugly scene is to avoid taking a decision while in fowl mood because that would not lead you to a happy situation. I am sure you will find yourself in a better situation to take a right decision once you cool down and think in a better way.

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