Consequences of corruption can be destructive

Corruption and carelessness are directly responsible for heavy tolls on public life and property, which is evident from the recent happenings in Uttrakhand where massive destruction took place and later we saw the ugly faces of carelessness and corruption, which aggravated the whole incident from ugly to uglier.  Uttrakhand is an apt example of overriding corruption where numbers of dams and buildings have arisen against the recommendations of experts who forecasted such incidents decades ago but governments and their employees grossly ignored these for personal gains. The fact that man, who has slightest of power has dominated others but it has caused indescribable suffering and misery to others. People who try to establish a more organized society always face greedy and corrupt people who foil their efforts for personal gains. Such people do not spare even to god causing harm to innocent people in the process.      

Corruption is abuse of entrusted power for private gain

 I rather laughed them out whenever someone asked me if I ever been a victim of corruption in my country as the stories of corruption in our country are widely spread here in this country as elsewhere in the world and people wish to know about these to satiate their curiosity. It is not that any country is free from such practices but not the kind of so widely spread in our country, our situation is perhaps altogether different and too deep-rooted in general. No region or country in the world is immune to the perils of corruption but we figure in the list most affected by this evil. We figure very high on the list of transparency international who works exclusively to study corruption rate in different countries.  

The corruption

Although our sinful nature, the kind of world we live in and the thoughts of corruption can exert great pressure on us but the question is, can we resist their influence! You might wonder how. The answer is not that simple since we have come too far from our age-old time tested traditions and moving toward misleading beliefs of materialism. That is where the problem of corruption begins. This is not only the government employees who are corrupt but also most businessmen who keep cursing system for its corruption can easily adopt dishonest practices. They fall perhaps to achieve their set goals or to survive the evil designs of government employees who would not let them succeed unless they paid money to them. Many people in corporate world do not want to pay under the table but succumb to giving bribes when they find it a big challenge to remain honest and incur heavy financial loses by not obliging them.  

The evil of corruption is worldwide 

We all know like many people in the world that corruption is inevitable and could never completely eliminated from our system and that is understandable. We all know that throughout history, people have tried their best to form governments, changing them repeatedly, yet they could never form a government, whatever the political parties declared in their pre-election manifestos. Yet they have never succeeded in permanently eliminating the evil of corruption from anywhere in the world, unfortunately our country has it more than most others.  

World Mapof corruptionI am an optimistic but in current state of scenario in our country, I see no resemblance of a hope that any party is going to deliver the result to poor ones who are crying for help, loaded with different problems like inflation, scarcity, corruption, lack of infrastructure, no basic amenities etc. The situation turns worst when no one in government sector or paced in responsible positions is prepared to fulfill his responsibility but running after his (undue) rights despite enjoying best facilities available to them. Sadly, many today do it intentionally and victimize others by taking undue advantage not of lowly and poor but well to do businessmen as well. These corrupt people not only indulge in corruption but spread and influence others as well to act corruptly. The one who becomes victim of these corrupt people tries to recover his money through corrupt means and the evil spreads on. (A word map of corruption which shows you the actual situation, you can see us in whole red color. Blue color indicates very less or no corruption)

We all know what happened in recent incident in Uttarakhand, people in official capacity that were responsible for the safety and security tried to game the system by filling their own pockets before arranging safe rescue of thousands who were stuck up in different places. The relatives of high ups in the government misused their power and made lot of money in the mealy in the name of rescuing marooned people. They did not hesitate to ask money from the people who were suffering badly and were in need of immediate hospitalization. They also did not hesitate to ask for their costly belongings for a short distance ride to safer places. Local people joined hands in help as well robbing them. It was a naked dance of greed and that is not yet over. 

Local and central governments, leaders of different parties will pet their backs non-stop for months and years to come for their help but the fact remains if there is a GOD He will have no choice but to remove these sinners who refuse to change their ways so shamelessly. I for one would be thankful to Him if such people could be prevented from influencing human life so shamelessly although what I am writing here is only my wishful thinking because if god was able to do this entire job, he could have done it already.  

Conclusion of my story

This is general people of this country, who shall have to work to battle against corrupt tendencies, which put us down acting so selfishly. There is no doubt whatsoever that good people are still there who wish to set things right but they are sidelined by the corrupt ones because they out number the good ones by a big margin. But I am sure that the day will soon arrive when poor people of this country will wake up and uproot the evil and corrupt ones and the day will arrive sooner than later.

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