Life is a mingled yarn of good and bad both. The warp and wool of fabric of life is made up of tears and smiles together things shine through contrast. They become dull through monotonous similarity. Its is perhaps, the tears and trials of life that bring the smile of life under the sharpest focus. We rise no paradox if we say that the sorrows are the sufferings of life are infact, responsible for keeping us blooming with smiles and bubbling with enthusiasm. Life would have been sapless, dark and drag if there would have been no tears to tear off this curtain of similarity so produced by the permanence of smile. Tears present a more vivid image of human life and greatly enliven our lives.

Undoubtedly, the weight of constant sufferings and sorrows is apt to prey upon the human arid mind as it did when someone broke out into a lyrical cry:

"Oh God! lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud.

I fall upon the thrones of, I bleed"

We can clearly conclude that our life without tears is as dull as our life without smiles. That is the reason why tragedies of Shakespeare touch us more than his comedies. Sorrow is a great amplifier of happiness as it brings the latter in a broad relief. Perhaps, this very reason made me sing in the praise of sorrow.

"Sweetest sorrow!

Like me, our baby and I nurse thee on my fest,

I thought to leave thee,

But now of all the world I love thee best."

Many times, it happens that we are busy in doing some work and if it is not completed by us on time then, they become a disturbing element and result in creating frustration in our mind. It is the tear of earth that keeps our smile in bloom with our loved ones and friends. It is true that ten-thousand times ribbed and edged at the anvil of human experience without love. We know that days are pleasant when night follows it. Have we ever thought why the moonlight look lovely at night? Moonlight is charming because sunlight comes after it. Sorrows are bearable because we expect joys. Sorrows are changing moods, appeal to every heart. Joys would have been little known if there would have been no sorrow.

Life is both sweet and bitter. Sometimes, it surrounds us with grieve, bewail and pain while sometimes it gives the pleasure of cheers, glee and optimize our life. The important thing is that we should never give up. We should enjoy our life. It is natural, a God-given fact that a man has to spend his life with both happiness and difficulties. from both the  make friends as joy of your life so that you may not be sad or feel lonely in life. Because time hangs heavy in our hands and makes us frustrated because they are the only ones who stand with you as the pillars of "Sorrow and Joy" and are the friends of your loved ones.

"Its your life, make it large"

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