Greed or Selfishness is a disease from which the modern age suffers. It is in fact the basis of the capitalistic system, which is based on acquisitiveness. According to this system, if a person works for selfish ends he will works the most and that will benefit the whole country and the whole world. That is their fundamental principle. And while working for himself he may push one man to this side and another to that and jump over the third; otherwise his work may lose tempo. That is the principle of capitalism. The world was a different world  and there were social levels according to which the people used to live. They were content to live on their level and did not any have strong desire to rise higher. But now the doors have opened. That is good. But at times, this progress requires cutting each other's throat whether on an individual level or a national level. What was the second thing asked? What has decreased?

That in the matter of sexual desire and anger present-day society is more advanced than ancient society was. That is my thought. Do you agree?

I think you have not thought about this from this point of view and can not say anything. But we can say that proportionately there are more educated , thinking people today. In olden times there were only a handful of such people. For instance, I read somewhere that Erasmus, who was considered one of the wisest men in Europe had fifty books in his library. In those days books were written by hand. He was well known for his wisdom. Today we read thousands of books, but most of them are useless. Instead of improving our knowledge they only add a dead weight to our minds. It is true that today there were more people who think, and think in a scientific manner. They want the good of the world. Without doubt every country has more such people now; but if you ask  me if the world had become better or worse in comparison with the past it is a difficult question. What measure can we apply? For if good things have now increased, bad things have also become more powerful. Both have increased.

If you too agree that there were more selfish and greedy people, what remedy have you thought of, especially for our country?

But I do not agree that selfishness or greed has increased. I only say it is there. I do not know whether it has increased or decreased. For both good and bad things have increased in the world. To seek out a solution of this problem is to decide what the basic organization of the society should be. The least it should include is education, basic education, not merely pious advice, so that the young people may develop. It is this way that such things can be removed.


Mahatma Gandhi said "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed". I would agree with his. Modern society is filled by greed and selfishness. Greed and selfishness are very dominant features in the modern society that leave many negative effects on the people and the world at large. We have to remove this selfishness or greed from our society for our progress as well as development of our country.

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