Life is not that easy

Most of us cannot tolerate untidiness around us be it our home or office. In fact we hate our foolishness and we curse ourselves for smallest of acts of wrongdoings and to avoid mistakes some of us try staying away from doing things which we are not sure we shall be able to do properly. In fact we want everything foolproof, managed and easygoing. We do not want complications, struggle or efforts to solve those problems involved with difficult tasks. But do you really feel life is that easy? We all talk big about rules and regulations but when we ourselves are concerned we try to find a way to shun them.

Life is like making an omelet 

Surprised! But I have a firm belief in that the way some people make the omelet which otherwise is one of the easiest dishes to prepare is something to ponder upon. If you watch such people carefully you will see they have egg all over their clothes and body including mouth, hair and hands. Not a single utensil in place and paste of eggs and onions spread everywhere in the kitchen and finally so many tell tale signs which will be self explanatory. It looks so real of real life of so many of us. The egg breaks and so breaks the schemes of so many of us. The life looks full of burden, nothing goes well and nothing happens in right way. We do not get the desired results. We had started with different ideas but the ultimate result is something which was nowhere in our imagination.

Let the things take their own shape

Yes, it’s better to let things happen in their own way. If not always at least once in a while should be a good idea which will certainly provide you a moment of happiness. We should learn to laugh the unexpected problems off, at least in some cases that will save us from lot of heartaches for sure. That will save us from losing self control. That will be a good way to stay happy if we learn not to become too angry on small things but laugh them out and this is applicable on mistakes made by others too. Most of us feel distracted as soon something goes wrong even slightly which otherwise is not that serious a problem that will affect our life or finish this world. Let’s take a solace in the very fact that despite all the problems we are still alive and kicking, so why take it so seriously.   

It’s good to ignore our foolishness (sometimes)

 At least once in a while we can enjoy our childish behavior and enjoy the life after all life is not about perfection but a little bit of kiddish since it does not mean a person is immature but living/enjoying his childhood. Tidiness is fine but sometimes the untidiness too gives you a sense of freedom (provided you are not in a place that needs tidiness). The beauty of untidiness is as beautiful as that of tidiness (not always though). 

Easy Life and Efforts

We all love a widespread blue sky, widespread green lawns, jungles, river banks, beaches. We love to walk on hilly roads, valleys, mountains. While at home or in travel push back chairs give us lot more comfort than straight back seats, leggy space is far more preferred than traveling in crowded buses. And what would you prefer if you have an option of open books’ to conventional examination system? But the fact is all these comforts lead us to a mental situation where smallest of hardness of life make us cry. We find life useless or begin cursing the system. So, why not stay prepared for hardships with little bit of efforts from the beginning because life as they say is not bed of roses but the thorns are part of everyone’s lives. There will be no motivation in life if everything will run smoothly. There will be nothing much if everything went easy and smooth without testing our skills. There will be nothing that will bring us closer to our abilities so we should not look for easiness but let the life take its own course.

Our efforts are important   

Our efforts are the most important factor however small the matter. Let’s put it this way, if you have to build your muscles you certainly need to put lot of efforts for building them and building your muscles through hard workouts not only improves your physical strength but makes you mentally strong too. Your willpower and character also gets a boost up with a stronger body. It’s not that having a stronger body means our problems stop there but it gives you an inner strength that makes you better prepared to face problems in life. Our efforts always make our life better not because the challenges stop existing but we become stronger and face challenges better prepared.

What should I do?

Next time you come across problems or feel pain in your daily routine resist the temptation of shouting over the problems, stop your tears and also stop asking the same question repeatedly ‘why me again’. This is not you only but all of us are in the same boat and all of us go through the same situations but some of us take them in our stride where as some of us feel we are the only person targeted by problems. 

I suggest you to remember a couple of facts- 

1- The persons who always remain happy do not adapt to shortcuts in life but take the bull by the horn

2- Successful people never lost the battle but started again after falling down

3- There is nothing like easy or difficult but how you handle the problems, how best you know how to tackle a tricky situation

4- Challenges if faced properly will enhance your mental and physical capacity

5- Sleeping is easy while staying awake is a difficult job, you will gain nothing if sleeping all the time

6- Complaining is easy while keeping mum is difficult and finding a solution of the problem is perhaps most difficult but you have to find a solution

7- Looking at darker side is easy and on positive side difficult but praising others for their qualities is probably most difficult, learn how to praise

8- Blaming is easy and accepting own faults is difficult but saying sorry is perhaps most difficult, learn how to say sorry

9- To give up is easy but living a meaningful life is difficult living a life full of adventure and with positive thoughts is most difficult, getup and live a challenging life  


We spend most of our time ‘with ourselves’ but think about others most of the time. We should not think what others want but let’s think what we want and make our own life best and lively. This world needs lively people. Do not listen to others’ confusing thoughts because as they say everyone has his own thoughts and if you are sure about your own views you do not need to listen to anyone but ascertain your own path and move. Remember that all your good deeds will bring their best results for you in due course. I am sure most of us have heard the time proven proverb- ‘The best time for planting a fruit tree was twenty years before or it is today’.  

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