India is going through a difficult phase at the present time as the opposition parties have started a massive drive against the present government and being afraid of Indian Prime Minister's popularity among the Indian people which is growing by the day besides his growing international reputation and credibility.

For instance the Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar a member of the BJP has said nothing more than - People can live without eating beef which does not mean people can live in INDIA only when give up eating beef. It's same the way the community in question refused to accept yoga as a fitness exercise in the name of Surya Namaskar a Yogasana despite the assurance that they can use their own words in place of Surya Namaskar and the whole thing was optional, not binding on anyone. But the way things are being presented and Hindus have been presented the day is not far that a Hindu will regret why was he born a Hindu.

I would say that it's better to listen to the words carefully before jumping to the result. the erstwhile ruling party is trying its best to spread confusion among masses by putting the words in the mouth, spreading rumor etc and the new party in government not matching to their tricks as of now are easy prey when they say- we take our words back if anyone found them hurting. That is a common gesture for keeping the decorum which is grabbed by the party who ruined this country while ruling and now out of power they are doing it for the sake of creating suspicion in the mind of people. 

Munawwar Rana, a poet who mostly attends Urdu concerts in Muslim Countries returned his award along with a cheque of Rs 1,0 0000  saying so many things on a TV channel last night in a dramatic way. He tried his best bringing the point that proved his community a victim of terrorism which is not the case but on the contrary the case he was referring to, was presented in a wrong context.

Rana said Muslims are target of Hindu terrorism which is not true but an act of accusing to defame India intentionally. The Hindu was never known as a community involved with terrorism. Munawwar Rana did not say a word about 100s of Hindus standing on Pakistani border in an Indian town of Rajasthan seeking asylum in India for the atrocities they have been facing in Pakistan regularly. 

Neither had I heard a word by so called secular of this country about them so far. And the latest incident that took place in Karnataka has not been even considered worth talking which saw a man killed while trying to save a cow by so called victims in this country.  I am sure the way the things are being presented in this country the Hindu community so far considered one who adjusts all and accepts all will take to hard lines and the it happened will be an unfortunate day for this country, known for its citizens’ tolerance power.

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  1. vijay

The Hindu is a fantastically tolerant person and tat is taken advantage by all including aggressive Hindus. Hinduism does not lay emphasis on group participation but the relation with God is on one to one basis. This does not help in building...

The Hindu is a fantastically tolerant person and tat is taken advantage by all including aggressive Hindus. Hinduism does not lay emphasis on group participation but the relation with God is on one to one basis. This does not help in building comradeship which you frequently allude to in the other community. Who will initiate such bonding among Hindus?

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