Earlier in olden days before the invention of telephones and other means of communication people, people would travel miles and miles to see their friends, relatives and even their loved ones. The conversations were more lively involving more love, affection, and happiness. People back then were much more friendly and treat even strangers with a loving and welcoming face. In India and many other countries especially in villages, it is still a traditional practice to invite strangers into their homes and give some water when they come in search of address or looking for someone. Life back then was much more peaceful and people were a lot healthier with having to eat only natural organic fresh fruits and vegetables. This was the scenario in the early 1900's or so. But slowly with the advancement in technology and improving the standard of living, people started to become more and more selfish and reserved.

To talk about the younger generation of today they are reducing their time spent for their family. As a fact, they are willing to spend hours and hours of their time with their friends on Facebook and twitter rather than for their family. This has been creating many problems like misunderstandings, heartbreaks. These problems can be solved if they think about all the good things that their parents have done for them. Moreover, the biggest problem is using social media sites to share their photographs which if gets in the hands of wrong people, it will create additional mental tension and in the extreme case, death. So spending time on social media sites is not  a bad thing but we should not forget our limit and should also think about the ill effects it causes. Therefore, the best way to lead a social life is that engaging with people, actively participating in campaigns and activities related to creating awareness about a depressing issue, motivating people about how to overcome struggles in their life by sharing our own experiences, helping people in terms of both knowledge and money as much as possible. So, stay happy and healthier and lead a better social life than the many others. 

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  1. Madugundu Krishna

interesting article, well said, position of the telephone in olden days.

  1. haripriya Palanisamy

Thank you for reading the article. Social life has changed and is changing constantly with the evolution of technology. Limited use of anything is good for our life as it will avoid unnecessary conflicts. One should learn to control the usage of...

Thank you for reading the article. Social life has changed and is changing constantly with the evolution of technology. Limited use of anything is good for our life as it will avoid unnecessary conflicts. One should learn to control the usage of social media and spend time with the family members.

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