I've gone through a seachange in the last few years. I'm no longer the timid, tall guy that I was during my late teens, or the angry young man in my 20s. Reading has permeated every nook & corner of my existence. Honestly speaking, I've never felt this bodacious in all the 33 revolutions that I've taken around the sun!! Like some wisecark once said:"All love begins with self-love." I love myself now, Love my job ( I'm a Physaitrist), love the fact that I'm financially independent, & love the boosts technology has given for nurturing your soul & new relationships...

Like billions out there, I'm looking for love. Prosaic, as that may sound, I'm not looking for a plastic relationship, inspired by movies or novels. I'm at an age, where I have to choose a life partner. There has to be a girl who is simple, yet listens to Britrock; someone who has read tons of books, but yet knows the value of silence; someone who has modern dressing styles, but inside her heart values commitment...

To help my search, I've enrolled on a matrimonial site, & I socialise with girls whenever possible, so that I can get to know them. When I'm searching for something, I leave no stone unturned!! On one murky Tuesday, I ran into Geethu, she's a House Surgeon ( aka Intern ), & she kinda skydived into the pool of my heart...She loves Britrock, is very open minded, & also reads quite a bit. My 'loveometer' ( the part of my adaptive subconscious that instantly calculates the chances of me falling for a girl!!) gave her a score of 4/5...So I start talking & flirting with her, & we get along quite well. She meets me with a 'genuine smile', each time!! ( for novices in micro-expressions, a genuine smile is poles apart from a fake one!!)...She hails from North India, & she was leaving in a week's time. I asked her if she wanted to hang out, & she flashes that celstial smile again...'She's not offended, that's cool', was the thought that flashed through my mind....She gave me her number, & claimed that she was busy at that point in time...I was not let down, or anything of that sort, because her statement seemed all too genuine...

That afternoon I reached my room, & was thinking about Geethu...She loves Oasis, reads quite a lot, is a very genuine person, I don't think my 'loveometer' was wrong...That evening, after the daily workout, I checked out a song by 'The White Stripes' called ' Fell in live with a girl'...Needless to say, that song became a earworm for days on end...

Geethu's posting ended, & though she responded to my messages, she did get busy. Anyone who completed MBBS, knows the doggednessthat we have to live through when the course ends ( a long list of certificates we have to apply & wait for!! applying for Amnesty, is easier!!)..So Geethu left, & as usual I needed to keep looking for real love ( or my cliched version of it!!)..So one evening, while drifting through my matrimonial profile, I noted the profile of a Dentist-Nisha, who reads a lot, who showed interest in my profile...I aksed my parents to 'proceed' with that proposal...3 weeks later, I was informed that the horoscopes matched!! 3 freaking weeks, no wonder some of my married peers, referred to those bundles of paper as 'horrorscopes'!! So this could work out for me..I went through her profile, a couple of times more...Nisha likes Philosophy, & I'm so into that field, that it literally runs through my veins!!...Nisha's parents called us over to their place, to get to know us. ..On a Sunday, we started out for Nisha's residence. So after 'small talk' ( in arranged marriage circles, 'small talk' takes roughly an hour, & is super boring!!), I get to talk to Nisha...For a person who reads a lot, she seemed rather withdrawn. But after talking with her , I realized she had a lot of values, my 'loveometer' showed a score of 3/5...Nisha's parents promised to get back to us...As I wait, the song lines from 'The White Stripes' song go through my mind-"My left brain knows that all love is fleeting..."....But I'll keep searching.....

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