2016 crept in unexpectedly, but isn't that the norm!! Before you know it, you've beautifully wasted a whole damn year, & an other one has just begun. The New year resolutions were made with hope. Well, like most people, I did my best to stick to the resolutions, & succeeded to a great extent. In this post I will describe the highs & lows of the year 2016 in my life...

Became a certified Physiatrist

I graduated as a certified Physiatrist on Sep 7th 2016. Physiatrists are a rare commodity in India. I love this field of medicine & love working to help people out as far as I can. This achievement is the best one, & tops all other achievements of 2016. I am currently working as a Senior Resident in Government Medical College, & am loving every single minute of it...

Started writing articles

I started writing blog articles, on a big scale. One of my articles was accepted by the site Bonobology, & got me awesome reviews from my friends & relatives. The best comment regarding that article, is still etched in my mind. One of my friends said that reading that article 'made her feel de-stressed'....That topped all the other statements made regarding that article...http://www.bonobology.com/love/friendship/591-finding-real-friendship-online.....I've also written quite a few articles for this site, as well...I love writing...

The Truth gets out

I've had issues with certain high profile people, & they had put me through some really bad harassment. The truth about their intentions, & also about their shameless acts surfaced, around September to October. This is definitely a high, because I was wondering of ways to expose the atrocities committed against me, & was running short of ways to do so....Like they say-"Justice is the highest of all virtues."...

The trip to Shirdi

I went to Shirdi in August, & Shirdi Sai Baba means everything to me. The visit was such a life altering experience. I've never felt this blessed in all my life. There's something about Shirdi Sai Baba's love for his devotees, that no bunch of high sounding words can express. I visited the Wadas, the paraayan room, & also checked out the book store. I decided to subscribe to the Sai Leela magazine....The visit to Shirdi was the best thing in my life.....

Had a fall out with certain new friends

Not every relationship is supposed to blossom into a meaningful one. When I found out that a bunch of new friends were unworthy of trust, I decided to back away from trusting & interacting with them. It's neither a high nor a low point/note, but it was an essential move, because for me TRUST is more than just a five letter word. If I lose trust in a relationship, it becomes nullified by default for me....R.L Stevenson said:"A friend is a gift you give yourself.".Well, these gifts only came with good packaging, on the inside they were sick & hollow human beings...

The book I've started writing

I've started writing a book on success principles, incorporating Sai Baba's teachings as the guiding light behind those principles. I've written enough material for 6 chapters. I hope I'll complete the book in 2 years....

The books I read

Read a lot in the last year. The best books by far were:-

1.Be as you are-Daniel Godman...The book contains the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, & is stuffed with spiritual wisdom

2.Practising the power of now - Eckhart Tolle...Another mindblowing book by Eckhart Tolle...Loved every single page of it....

3. Freedom from the known - Jiddu Krishnamurti...I love the way Jiddu Krishnamurti's words spin a web of superior logic around your thoughts, making your life simpler & better...

Sprained my ankle

This is a first for me, for I've never sprained an ankle before!! It hurt for around a week, took analgesics, & sang songs to alleviate the pain!! My heartfelt sympathies to the poor souls who had to listen to me singing Oasis & Bon Jovi songs, with ankle pain punctuating the performances!!!. The ankle sprain was a definite low note for the year....

Went to check out a girl with my parents

So after registering on a matrimonial site, I went to check out a girl with my parents. It was nothing like I expected it to be. I thought it would be super boring, but it was actually kinda fun. I'm looking forward to more such rituals, though my favorite protocol would always be eating dinner & getting to know a girl...


Well I was also hit badly by this radical step, to curb the accumulation of black money. The long queues near ATMs in the hot noon sun, was really frustrating. But I think these memories will leave an indelible imprint on my mind. Demonetisation worked like a double edged sword. It had it's good & bad sides to it...Hmm...

The songs I've written

I wrote nearly 10 songs in the last year, & it was fun. I shared a good number of them om Facebook, & loved the feedback that I received. I love writing songs, & hope to continue doing so, for as long as I can...My favorite songs that I wrote this year are-'Solitude' & 'Rumors'....

The sunset at Kanyakumari

Once while travelling by train, an old woman told me that the sunset at Kanyakumari was the most beautiful sight on this planet. I decided to check out this phenomenon, & study it!! From 5:30 pm to 6pm all I did was analyse the beauty of the sun setting across the beach, in Kanyakumari. I don't think any other sight will be this awe inspiring...It gives you instant cosmic nirvana...

This year was unexpected, fun, challenging & blessed in every way possible. Not all my plans materialised, but like John Lennon( the lead singer of The Beatles) said:"Life is what happens when you're busy making plans.."...Good bye 2016......


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