Logical and Illogical

Some of us in trying to prove our point of view logical find ways that have no logics. Now, what is logic and who invents them? Logic is something that shows your understanding something with valid reasons and effect and you can say science and Math are some of the examples which show your logic. As we know for sure that Science and Math provide proven facts and solutions of all the problems they deal with although there are chances that further studies may change the facts but you can only consider it as my logic into the matter. 

But if we talk about illogicalities, that is nothing but to assert to be untrue or by saying the things in opposition of what the facts are. Illogical in itself contradicts the facts or beliefs which have already established firmly. However, logic and illogical is a matter of great discussion which is going on ever since the very existence of this world and also considered a great weapon of self defense. However it's better to monitor all the points in question very carefully instead of speaking casually about anything without any reasoning. There is no alternate of reaching to a decision unless you agree to logics.

It’s also a proven fact that even during our normal discussions we experience logic is always being contradicted with falls facts. The discussion is way of understanding points of different persons but it loses it meaning if illogical views take over the reasoning and the situation turns out to be a tensed battle of words. As they say, it’s hard to cope with opposite views and especially so when there is no logic in the views as they find a new definition for illogical views to prove their point. Unless we have the power of molding our views and accept the truth which needs lot of courage and self confidence, the chances of reaching to a right decision are remote. 

It’s not Lifestyle but Mindset

I don't understand what's so wrong with western lifestyle or their culture apart from different people has different ways of living their life. However, if you ask me about my observation I think, we have not seen the positive sides of their cultures despite adapting many of their lifestyles. Maybe some of our concerns are reasonable to some extent but what would say if you wear the same clothes they wear or try to live the same life they live and still chose to say their lifestyle is not for you.

Would you believe me if I tell you that according to several surveys conducted among different communities living in different states of India within different age groups almost 5o% of those participated would ‘sure’ like to go the Western countries to work, 30% of them were ‘ready’ to go if a proper opportunity came their way and 10% were not sure if they ‘qualified’ but only 5-6% said they would prefer to stay back at home.

If you ask me the Indians feel about what they imagine about the lifestyle in west despite having come down in last decade or so still better than here and if given a chance they would prefer to go there and start their life in a western country. And that’s very much evident from the living style of corporate culture which is almost similar to that in western countries. I strongly believe that unless we will take matters in our own hands there will be changes in our lifestyle. Government has a role to play but only when supported by its people. 

However, despite our present generations have taken to western habits but what we lack seriously is their good habits. We take only that what gives us pleasure but leave that will make us sacrifice some of our facilities. One of the examples here is the ‘Odd-Even’ formula imposed by Delhi State government on trial basis. People tend to believe that the entire responsibility lies with government to make things right for them and they have no role to play in the process of clean and green living.

The main reasons - Body structure and mindset

I firmly believe that man has lost his ability to do anything rationality and cannot do a thing based on its accordance with reason or logically. I was having a discussion on this topic with one of my friends who reacted rather funnily by saying that the chances of being a man rational are remote and he explained the reasons too. According to him the mindset and body structure of the human are the main reasons for his inability which prevents him thinking in a right direction?

He went on proving his point by saying a man has two eyes, one of them is he uses for watching at self interests the other one for searching the ways he can use to reach the targets that fulfill his self interest. The man has two ears, one for listening what could prove beneficial for him and the other one for listening to someone or something as unimportant or bad or weaknesses of others.

Man has just one tongue but he uses it for sycophancy especially for the ones who provide him maximum profit. The man has stopped using his tongue for the real purpose of praising the worthy but praising the people whom he finds beneficial for him even if he never stops criticizing them behind their backs.

My friend did not stop at that but he announced with his full belief that man is the most self-centered and lusty person of the world who feels happy seeing others in pain. My friend went a step forward when I asked about rationality in man. He said that only the nature has rationality and treats everyone in a same manner.

I agreed to him but his explanation about natural rationality was even more dangerous. He said when the humans face the natural calamities there is no difference as it sees no difference in between caste, creed or color but spares none that comes in its way. I wanted to tell him that a flower blossoms in a rich man’s garden as well in front of poor man’s hut and without any discrimination.   

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