With the upcoming modernization and urbanization, the life styles and traditions of people are changing at fast pace but there are still some people who are doing the task of preserving culture and traditions and passing those on to the coming generations.  In this article I am mentioning about the famous tourist destination Kullu-Manali in India. Kullu district still has villages and people who thrive on their age professions like sheep-goat rearing and shawl weaving to make their livelihood.

            During the winters these sheep and goat stay at the home-places of their shepherds while during summers the animals are travelled to pastures on the heights to feed on lush green pastures. The shepherds go with their animals with ration and other necessary items to the pastures and stay there for that season.


               They depend on their sheep-goats for wool, meat and money. It is very interesting to see one or two shepherd dogs of local Gaddi breed in each flock. Some flocks also have one or two ponies to carry the loads.

               The wool is harvested from sheep which is then washed, processed and knitted into beautiful Kullu shawls or patti that is used to make coats. In the above picture the man is wearing the coat of indigenous patti manufactured of local sheep wool. These shawls and coats are very warm.


The above picture comes from a village of Lag valley in Kullu district which shows the process of weaving the shawls on primitive "Khaddi" . A pattu, the traditional dress worn by local women is being weaved on it.


Above picture is of a traditional old house in Kullu district. These houses are mainly build of wood and dry stone mesonary which is also an unique traditional art. The villagers are quite simple in living and enjoy the traditional foods like "Siddu". The apple orchards and vegetable growers of Kullu district also make good money out of their or orchards and fields.     


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