All of us have one aim or another in life.  For many making money is the primary aim, while for some it is achieving something in life for example reaching the very top in their respective fields.  A student would want to top his exams while the aim of a employee  aim would be a promotion to the next immediate post.  However one thing everybody shares in common  is satisfaction and happiness.  All of us crave for happiness at the end of the day.  Some crave for it consciously while others crave for it subconsciously.

Many people in their pursuit to achieve happiness, actually never get it, however hard they try for  it because they have got a selfish motive behind it as they are doing it only for themselves.  On the contrary when we try do do those little things' which hardly taxes us both at the same time give a lot of satisfaction to the other person and makes him feel happy that really makes us feel happy.  Those little thank you's or token of gratitude from the other person brings a smile of our faces, gives us lot of satisfaction and makes us feel happy.

I am of the view, that without stretching too far, we can do lot of things for lot of people in our day to day activities which makes their life lot happier, gives them lots of satisfaction, which in turn gives us the same  levels of satisfaction and happiness





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