Home is also a school

A house family-family

Man is a social animal. He finds it hard to live alone.

A home is a place where a man lives with wife, parents and children. Getting tried after a day’s work, a man finds peace and happiness at home.

A happy home is like heaven while an unhappy home is like hell. A home is a happy one where youngsters respect their elders and elders are affectionate to youngsters.

if a person is not eager to go home after a day’s labor, if he thinks he will not get peace there, his children will not respect him, his wife will nag him, then such a house presents the picture of hell and needs to be changed drastically.

Brick- walls do not make a house. It is love and affection which makes it. It is tolerance and sacrifice which makes it. It is mutual faith and trust which makes it. It is the common joys and sorrows which make it. If these things are absent, then it is merely a hotel and not a home.

A home is a place where a child learns to speak. He learns to express his thoughts feely. He also learns the limits of his expression. He learns self control. A happy home is one where every member has self- control. Often the difference of opinion is on trifles. It is the uncontrolled expression that aggravates it. Therefore, silence is golden at times.

A home should be an abode of peace. Peace resides where there is love and sacrifice. Small courtesies in the home make a big difference. There are certain simple rules, the observance of which makes a happy home.

Every member in a home should help others and cooperative with them. It is unfair to burden one member with overwork. Often the lady of the house is overburdened. She should be given a helping hand by all the other members. It is the duty of every member to keep the house clean and tidy. A student should particularly learn to help him and also others wherever possible.

Sometimes we have different opinions on a given issue. Sometime our physical needs are different as in young age and old age. Our tastes are different. One may be passing an examination while another might have finished his examination. The former wants silence, the latter may want to enjoy music. It is here that cooperation and understanding are needed.

So, home means respecting others. It is cooperating with others, caring for others, sacrificing for others and having self- control.

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