India is a devloping country and it is growing in a very slow mode.

It needs to gear up litle fast because we have to compete with other devloping countries also.

As we are the second largest population in the world, we have the maximum man power to utilize but due to unproper utilization India is not devloping at a speed in which it should.

So to make a speed devlop our youth should work together and start work from today.

India is now medically improved so our average age is increased and one study says that more than 50% people will be at the age of 25. so we have a huge and energetic youth to do job.

So I request all youths lets work together to develop our nation and make ourself proud that we are the participants to make our country Proud.

Youth has the energy, innovative ideas, Warmness in blood to do  some thing new, some thing extra, some thing different

so let our youth to think in their way ad let them do their work.



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