A social network, in the parlance as "network" is called, is a network of people or groups of people. For example a collection of people who know each other, or organizations (companies, institutions) often work together. Therefore, a business network also seen as a form of social networking.

The verb 'networks' (in relationships and an opportunity to gain new relationships) is also derived.

The term social network is now often the subject of scientific studies, of interest to industry. Because social networks the way people communicate on the redefinition, it is interesting to see how these networks impact on managerial issues. So what is studied to investigate potential employees social network could alleviate the costs associated with the adverse selection problem. There is also looked into the possibility of applying social network analysis, to refine, classify and rank the requirements for collaboration and information management in an organization. Moreover, the imaging of informal social networks, helping managers to systematically identify and contribute to important strategic collaborations. Studied the influence of informal networks of top managers with those of other companies to check the uncertainty that comes from sources dependency. Thanks to these studies is clear to businesses how to use social networks and what impact they have.

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