PEOPLE  often talk about what woman talk all the time on phone .which topics do they talk about. this article is about the topics on which the woman chit chat on phone. the following are the topics on which woman chit chat more on their phone.

1.EARNINGS/BUSINESS- woman on phone talk a lot about the earnings of themselves or their other family members. they try to  show their attitude by showing high earnings and behaving as rich.

2.QUARRELS- woman always are interested in finding out the quarrels which happens in the neighbourhood . they have a fun time discussing the quarrels that happened in their neighbourhood.

3.SHOPPING- doing shopping is likes by most of the woman . woman often on phone discuss about what they shoped, how costly things they buyed etc

4.TRAVEL/TOUR- woman like talking about on the phone about the new places they had went to, how fun they had travelling to a particular place etc

5.MOVIES- some woman are movie lovers they often talk about  the movies they saw, discuss about the story of a particular movie,talk about their favourate actor and actress etc.

These are the some of the topics on which woman spend their time discussing on phone. Actually there are many more i could have write but i only focused on the main topics on which most of their time gets spend.

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