broken_heart.jpgOne sided love happens when one person loves someone and other person doesnt. one sided love sometimes is very hurting. we see a heard lot of bad stories about one sided love and all many of us know about its bad consequences. one can live happily even after he lost someone he loved only by forgeting it. here are some of the ways one can try which can help to forget the one sided love.

1.destroying the old memories- The best way to forget your one sided love is by removing all the old memories. one should try to remove all the things,gifts, phone number, sms etc that makes him remember of his one sided love. if one doesnt remove all such things from his life he will always remember his one sided love by looking at it.

2. Getting busy in work, hobbies- One can try to be busy all the time in some work or hobby. if he sits idle than thoughts of the one he loved might come in his mind. we already have heared the proverb that "Idle mind is like a devil's mind". so one should try to get busy with some work or try to develop new hobbies.

3. going to tours- we have often heard that changing the environment can change the thoughts of the mind . one should try to go to tours with his friends,family. a nice environment can bring nice thoughts .

4. confidence- one should be confident in life that he will get someone better and more loving than the one he loved. he should have the thinking that he lost nothing but the person that didnt loved him lost a true lover.

5.friends- friendship is one of the best relation. One can share joys and sorrows with friends. if someone has nice group of friends one can easily forget all his developing good friends group might help you to stay happy.

6.Getting married- one of the step which might be very hard to take after loosing one whom you loved may be getting married but getting married may help one to forget his one sided love as one gets busy with a family life.

This are the some of the ways by which one can forget his one sided love. hope some of my thoughts help some poeple.





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