Imagine a world where women run the show. No wait! Don’t imagine, just open your eyes and look around you. Society has come a long way since the time when men were strictly the breadwinners of their families, and women were confined to work in the kitchen. The world is changing rapidly and the society has evolved to accept women breaking out of their cocoons and making a mark in their respective fields.

Be it world famous doctors, scientists, artists, engineers or entrepreneurs, you find women everywhere. It isn’t uncommon anymore to find a household that is run by a woman. Fortunately, most men have started looking at women as their equals and the question of who brings home the bread shouldn’t lead to differences between spouses. However, there are still some families that even break apart because the men are too pompous to admit that their wives are capable of earning more than them.

In my opinion, the pink wallet signifies women’s liberation and the fact that women are capable of not only sustaining themselves and their families’ singlehandedly but also contributing in a massive way towards social welfare. Handling finances be it of the household or the country has always been looked upon as the man’s responsibility but not anymore. Women have always had the inmate ability to conserve resources. The pink wallet need not necessarily be of a successful working woman. Even a middleclass housewife may be able to use her business acumen in procuring the maximum provisions for her family using the minimum resources. Women like Mother Teresa have been able to mobilise funds in order to help the destitute, the old, the diseased people and orphaned children. Mobilizing and managing funds of charitable organizations is just one more aspect of women putting their financial abilities to good use, this time to help society at large.

The pink wallet is here to stay so watch out before it outnumbers the blue ones!


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