Her honey kiss, gave

me the ultimate franchise

to speak a priceless dialect,

A language forbidden even

to the deepest fathomers of knowledge

and its embracing wisdom

endless to the ocean tiles

or even infinity itself


Her eyes,

declared this,

their authority, their hold,

gifted me with haberdashery of gallantry

and I wore the cloaks of bravery

imprinted with truth


Her smile,

it gave me an eloquence unseen,

a fluence unborn,

and now my heart flows,

like an endless Nile,

meandering in happiness,

not eroding, but forming an estuary of joy,

shining, glazing

with a transparence born

to new-born trust and truth

and my lips also spoke

of this mighty philosophy

that makes the shadows quiver

and tears seize,

and hearts bloom with a spring,

unknown to the earth or galaxy


A told this awesome story,

when my lips married hers,

and we became freedom

and light to other hearts,

we became magic.

                                  By Kakraba Afful

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