I was sitting in the cafe,

when I felt a mighty war

walking down the hall,

yet unseen;


His gruesome words

ignited a fire in the other guy,

who was proclaimed

immortal due to his

deadly, flammable character


and yet this slim, weakling,

who legs were only a protuberance

of disturbance,

continue to fire with chilli bullets,

and burning its vehement victims

eyes with the ferociousness of rage,

was enough to leave him

with two blacked eyes


yet, unrelenting in his self-detonating

mission, the clock ticked

as this angry guys blood

turned to magma

and with a volcanic urge

and an eruptive swagger of bravery

a heavy punch


Till the guy fell to the floor,

I guess for him,

the sun started bouncing on the earth,

because reality had forgotten him

due to the trance he

heavily received

from the short fight,

which he apparently lost!

                                       By Kakraba Afful

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