To what wonder,

must my heart confess,

except yours?

favour descends

like the fall of snow,

heartbeat after heartbeat

and my eyes listen to its song

with a nearby understanding


Your eyes look upon me

with comprehension

and a passion swims through

your soul,

please smile,

so my heart can swagger

as pride, that it made

be named after high esteem

and worship

your golden countenance


You make me feel

like twenty-four karates,

and my bosom cannot deny,

my loins do not burn in lust,

it is my heart that speaks,

and has wound

my tongue in an eloquence

far beyond reality


Now my world

is blessed with daybreak

since your heartbeat

was heared by the ears of destiny


Just take my hands,

if you just close your eyes,

that shall be no one else,

but us.

                        By Kakraba Afful

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