We, the Generation have immense potential & lots of talent. We are the real revolutionary in the sense that we can change existing society anytime we want & can mould it in the way we desire, whether for good or bad. This generation is the blast in itself but the question that arises are “whether we are conscious of our role in the society? Are we really taking up our responsibility? Are we not wasting our time in worthless jobs just like uselessly roaming, smoking, & gossiping on cells?


Sometimes ago a movie “Yuva” was released which gave a very meaningful message to us that we can’t expect a clean society without giving effort to clean it.

If we want something good we have to take a step forward. May be it takes one or more decades to bring everything on track but then there is a famous saying “ The gardener may not eat the fruits of his own trees but he sows seeds of the fruit for others.” If we want clean politics then saying that our national politics doesn’t deserve simple honest guys like us, its total nonsense. It is just avoiding your responsibilities. Similar examples are there in our day to day life also. Mr. Shiv khera’s best seller quotes the following golden words,

“For every injustice, think whether it is beginning of injustices & are we a part of it directly or indirectly. If yes, we are equally culprit”.

It is only this generation that has potential to direct there creative minds to frame the society. It is our responsibility to give what we had desired but failed to get because of the ignorance of last generation to clean the drain. We have to go down to it & then only it can be cleaned. The moral values from our fore fathers should be conveyed to the next generation in its best spiritual form. Last but not the least thinking on a problem is not the solution to any problem if no effort are made to solve it on our part, then it is impossible to get the best & is useless to frame others.

We can change everything just by using our head, heart, hand anh health(4H).


So, why so late? Come and Let’s start ………………

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