"In Prison" is written by Jawaharlal Nehru. This essay was written by Nehru when he was in Jail.

The atmosphere was oppressive and unbearable. The air was full of violence, it was made him to feel ill and repressed. He did physical exercise and hard mental work to keep him fit. He strictly followed the time-table including daily shave to do his work. After a day's hard work, he felt tired and sleep was welcome in the evening. To Nehru jailed was a horro and caused him nerves and his spent there for days, weeks and even months.

In Jail, interview days were considered as 'Red Letter Days' by Nehru. Jail officials were present at the time of interview. After sometime, he stopped it because of the treatment given to his wife and mother by the government and jail officials. Without it, he felt tried, when he started it, he felt happy. Letter from home or from other jail became important and eagerly expected by Nehru. Letter writing and receiving gave him peace.

At times produced an emotional states which was disturbing and difficult to concentrate his work in jail. In jail articles like Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Pen, Ink Bottle, Hair Oil, and Brush wwre considered as luzury and were objectionable. Manual work like spinning gave relief. He engaged himself with reading and writing also. He was not allowed to read all books only religious books and novels were allowed to read. Newspaper and writing materials were totally denied. Reading and Writing were considered as a dangerous to past times. This stopped the intellectual development of the inmates in the prison.

Nehru's letters to his daughter helped him to keep mendally fit. He read old travellers like 'Hiuen Tsang, Marco Polo and Modern Travellers'. He got beautiful pictures books of Mount Blank the Alps and the Himalayas along with Atlas. It brought past memories and dream of places he wishes to visit.

Thus, this essay brought out Nehru's  experiences in Prison.


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